Indulge in the Berdoues Grand Crus collection with eight unique fragrance blends

Indulge in the Berdoues Grand Crus collection with eight unique fragrance blends

A suite of scents

Text: Angelyn Kwek

It’s an olfactory travelogue with Berdoues’ Grand Crus collection

Picture a dream getaway on the sun-drenched isle of Sicily and the sweet smell of the ocean-tinged air. An experience that can't be bottled, you say? But that's exactly the concept with the Grand Crus collection by Berdoues. The luxe French perfumer has developed a series of fragrances that distill precious ingredients into eight distinctive scents unique to a particular locale.

Sourced from all over the world, there's vanilla from Tahiti, Malaysian agarwood and assam tea from India, to name a few. Carefully harvested and handled by Berdoues perfumers, these aromatic elements are combined with the brand's know-how — which spans over a century — to create exceptional fragrances that fill the air with the scented impression of exotic, far-flung places.

Berdoues Grand Crus collection

Designed to reflect a region's olfactory identity as interpreted by the Berdoues nose, the formulations are not gender-biased. Instead, picking your go-to is a case of scent memory. A waft conjures a voyage, immersing you in that time and place when you were a world away, strolling beneath the fully bloomed arbors of the sakura trees during cherry blossom season in Japan. Between an Imperial Russia-inspired leather scent and a botanical perfume that captures the crisp, green notes of Brazil's Amazon forest to the sensual, earthy oud wood of the Orient, you definitely won't find run-of-the-mill perfumes or commercial scents here.

Discover all eight scents:

The Berdoues Grand Crus collection is available exclusively at Escentials Paragon from July