Expand your concealer options with Benefit

Expand your concealer options with Benefit

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Text: Amanda Marks

The top-selling concealers from Benefit have a new look. Try out the updated Boi-ing formulas for your different concealing needs

Attention ladies! Benefit is introducing new and improved Boi-ing concealers to their collection to suit a variety of skin types and built to withstand long days. There's nothing worse than coming home after work and looking in the mirror just to see your makeup has either worn off or smudged terribly. With Boi-ing you can be confident in your skin, even on those hot and humid days. Don't know how to use the top notch brand? Don't worry, we've got a few easy tips on how to apply and maintain the flawless, natural look.

When you walk in a makeup store and you don't know what you need, you immediately get overwhelmed. With all the different kinds of products out there with various colours and textures, makeup novices often don't even know where to start. Lucky for you, the Boi-ing range makes it super simple to narrow down your choices. There are three main shades, Light (1), Medium (2) and Dark (3), in creamy formulas that make blending a breeze. If you aren't confident about using the synthetic fibre brushes from across the store, fret not, as you already have the best tool for the job — your finger! Read below to find the concealer fit for you.

For pesky little spots
Hydrating Concealer
Put a tiny bit where it counts. This will be your saviour for when you have small imperfections that make a big difference to your overall appearance. Hydrate your face with the vitamin E and apple seed extract to give skin a softer look. The concealer stick has a core of colour surrounded by these natural, moisturising ingredients, so it's the perfect balance of tint and skin conditioner.
Tip: Dab the concealer stick evenly right below each eye. Then use your finger to blend from your nose outward to illuminate your eyes.
Benefit Hydrating Concealer

For sleep-deprived ladies
Airbrush Concealer
A little bit goes a long way. Cover up dark circles and fine lines with this waterproof, smooth cream. With 10 hours of guaranteed staying power, you're set for the day.
Tip: Simply use your finger to gently dab and blend the product under your eyes. This is a medium-coverage concealer, so use it sparingly. If you want to warm up your colour or to look even brighter and more awake, use it after applying foundation.

Benefit Airbrush Concealer

For lacklustre complexions
Brightening Concealer
Work that glow. Conquer your punishing schedule with this full-coverage cream. It blends with your skin for an even effect while hiding dark spots, shadows, and blemishes— so you always look more awake than you feel. It also brings out the beauty of pink undertones for a warm finish on your skin.
Tip: With your finger, dab a few spots under your eyes, or anywhere on the face, and continuously stroke till its blended in — the heat from your finger helps melt the product it. For a more natural finish, use it after a liquid foundation or under a powder to avoid a cakey finish.
Benefit Brightening Concealer

For when you feel like nothing else works
Try: Industrial Concealer
This is the brand's all-star concealer. This cream works as a hardcore camouflage for any skin struggle you're faced with. Whether its dark circles, obvious blemishes, discoloration, red spots, or nasty breakouts. This is your go-to saviour for complexion perfection.
Tip: For full coverage, gently dab and blend outward for a classy, matte finish. To amplify your coverage, use it after the application of brightening concealer, and you won't need anything else on top. Benefit Industrial Strength Concealer

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