Behind the scenes with Eva Herzigová for Dior Capture Totale

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She doesn't seem to have aged since she burst on the modelling scene in the '90s. Find out her ultimate anti-ageing secret in this video

If you've followed the trajectory of Eva Herzigová's modelling career since she started out a Wonderbra model and Guess Girl in the early '90s, the appropriate response would be... wow! In 2015, some 20 years later, the blonde beauty looks as good as ever. As the face of Dior's revolutionary Capture Totale range, we're pretty sure the mum of three has access to some gravity-defying skincare, which might be the answer to her youthful visage. But Herzigová has an extra secret for looking so darn good. Find out what it is, as she shoots the campaign with longtime collaborator, photographer Paolo Reversi, in the video above.

Text: Renée Batchelor

  • Image:
    Paolo Reversi for Christian Dior
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