Beauty influencer Ethan Peters dies at 17, Jeffree Star is accused of selling faulty products, and other beauty news

Beauty influencer Ethan Peters dies at 17, Jeffree Star is accused of selling faulty products, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @ethanisupreme

1. Beauty YouTube star, Ethanisupreme, has passed away at 17.

The cause of his death is unconfirmed, though fellow influencer and close friend, Ava Louise, has insinuated that it has to do with Peter's struggle with drug addiction. "If anyone talks negatively about my friend and his actions over the past year he was battling addiction," she tweeted. "If anyone has anything negative to say about addiction I will come for you with a vengeance. Speak positively of Ethan. He was an artist & inspiration. So talented."


2. Fans are complaining about the quality of Jeffree Star's Orgy Palette.

The brand's largest 30-pan eyeshadow palette has been wrapped up in controversy since its release. Overtly sexual name aside, buyers have also reported that the eyeshadows are crumbly and broken, with "little pellets" in some of the shades. Star took to Instagram to address the issues, claiming that it was a lab issue that is typical "when you upscale a project."


3. Dixie D'Amelio garners criticism for blackfishing.

The term is in reference to white women co-opting aspects of black culture to their gain. This ranges from fashioning their tresses in traditional African American styles such as Bantu knots or donning accessories significant within their culture. TikTok star, Dixie D'Amelio, has recently been accused of doing so, where she reportedly used makeup to appear significantly darker in skin tone during her recent Instagram stories. D'Amelio then responded to these allegations via Twitter, expressing that it was never her intention to hurt of offend anyone.


4. Superdrug is lauded for launching gender-neutral tampons and sanitary pads.

Instead of gender-pronouns, the chain opted to use "a person who menstruates" on their range of period products. A representative of the brand then stepped forward to clarify that this was done to include "customers of this range who are currently transitioning from one sex to another, or who identify as non-binary but will still be menstruating, alongside the women that use the products." Kudos all around, we say.


5. Justin Bieber shows off a new neck tattoo.

The Canadian singer-songwriter has added new ink to his already-extensive collection. This time, a black and white long-stemmed rose by go-to artist, Dr. Woo. Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallette, is not a fan, judging by the crying emoji she commented under his Instagram reveal. We hope at least missus Bieber approves...?


6. KKW Fragrance is back with a new collection.

The Diamonds II Collection consists of Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire, scents by Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe respectively. Each is said to embody the spirit of timeless glamour from each sister, and will be dropping 18 September online. A perfect way to commemorate the end of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, alright.


7. Sally Hansen will be launching a Sour Patch Kids range for Halloween.

Fans will be delighted to hear that they can now adorn their talons in mouthwatering shades reminiscent of the iconic candy. They will harbour the brand's notable Insta-Dri three-in-one formula and are available in six hues: R.I.P-urple (a vibrant grape), The Un-red (a true, blood red), Pump-kid (a neon orange), Hallogreen (a bright kelly green), Ghouls Night Out (pitch black), and Boo-lue (a bright, mid-tone blue). And that's not all from the nail scene...


8. PopSockets just debuted a press-on nail collection that matches their PopGrips.

Yes, PopSockets is making it a thing to match your nails to your PopGrip. Their Mani Phoni collection features 15 graphic press-on nail options in a wide array of fun designs that are complementary to their existing range of PopGrips. Innovation at its finest.