Backstage beauty: Chanel resort 2016

Backstage beauty: Chanel resort 2016

Lash and lip envy

Text: Andrea Sim

We’re so inspired by the makeup at the Chanel show, we’re stealing it for our own festivals and parties

We're trying to put a finger on this. What exactly was the inspiration behind the bold and stunning look in Chanel's resort 2016 show? It looks like Frida Kahlo and a flamenco dancer had a beautiful baby, and we're definitely co-opting some of these elements for summer.

Bold brows are still going strong, but instead of the fuzzy, feathered look at their previous show, these are more caricature-esque. While these work on the runway, tone it down for real life.
Chanel resort 2016 - Brows 

The lush lashes and intense highlight on the inner corners of the eyes open them up amazingly.
Chanel cruise 2016 - Eyes

Nothing short of show stopping, the brilliant orange hue works on almost any skintone.
Chanel resort 2016 - Lips 

Midnight blue with a metallic hint is a modern look that works day to night.
Chanel cruise 2016 - Nails 

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