3 times Chloé girl Ariane Labed gave us hair envy

3 times Chloé girl Ariane Labed gave us hair envy

The mane inspiration

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Behold the newly announced face of Chloé fragrances and her unfairly gorgeous head of hair

French actress Ariane Labed has the je ne sais quoi kind of hair you just know barely sees the nozzle-end of 101 styling products, yet tousles in the wind with the kind of movement and body you'd happily murder your neighbor two doors down to have. It could be something in the Grecian water she drank while growing up in Athens... or she's just blessed, thanks to her heritage. Either way, her hair is so ridiculously fab it can compete with her acting credits – which include co-starring alongside Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard in Assassin's Creed, as well as sharing screen time with Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix in an upcoming film.

Of course, her killer tresses aren't the only part of her that had Chloé tapping on Labed to be the new face of the brand. Set to front a fresh fragrance launching in March, she embodies a new directive where the Chloé Girl is modern, free-spirited, strong and adventurous. You know, kind of like describing her hair in somewhat of a happy coincidence. So before you see Labed (and her locks) popping up everywhere in the latest Chloé fragrance campaign, check out three other times her crowning glory was #hairspiration:

This is when you've got unwashed second day hair and you just need to scrape it all back to look presentable. At least, that's the situation for most girls anyway. Labed, however, looks perfectly camera-ready in a messy 'do. Even her flyaway baby wisps look charming instead of crazy.

Ariane Labed

Showing she's versatile (and looks great) with an off-centre parting despite usually frequenting a middle part in the past, this is proof positive just a small hair switcheroo is the fuss-free way to change your look.

Ariane Labed

Without any pins or ties, this is Labed and her curls at their most natural. We can't say for sure if she's rubbed a dollop of serum into those locks to define the waves, but this is hair women pay good dollars to get via a blowout session. Kate Middleton's got nothing on her.

Ariane Labed

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