Get your K-skin on with Seoul-based green beauty brand Aprilskin

Fresh from Korea

Text: Angelyn Kwek

There’s a new player on the natural cosmetics scene, and its Korean import Aprilskin

Considering we drop a small fortune on our skincare routines, it had better provide hydration, control sebum, minimise pores, and help makeup stay on longer. You know, all those quintessential qualities, especially given we live in a mad humid country that exacerbates said pore and sebum issues. And while it seems we're ever seeking the ultimate regime that can do all of the above, Korean brand Aprilskin has stepped in with its herbal, water-based solutions to help you get that healthy and moisturised complexion you've been trying to achieve for yonks. 

Aprilskin Pink Natural Line

Right on the heels of its Korean debut, the local launch sees the Pink Natural Line from its Back to True Nature (BTTN) series retailing on shelves with a 3-piece set targeted at dehydrated, oily skin. Completely naturally derived, the formulas contain herb-blended water with ingredients such as parsley, dill, and oregano — all grown in Fontainebleau, France, then freshly harvested and promptly frozen at minus 62 degree Celsius to preserve the nutrients.

But don't think it's as simple as grinding up the table herbs you've got spare and rubbing it into your skin, because Aprilskin utilises Individual Quick Freezing technology in their processes, ensuring the products are EWG-certified in addition to cutting out 18 different harmful ingredients such as parabens, fragrances and colourants commonly found in other skincare brands. Meant to refresh, cool, and calm the skin, the formulas are gentle enough to use even for sensitive complexions. Best of it, it's reasonably priced despite all the good stuff inside, so you can get that sought-after baby skin without breaking the bank. Now just keep your fingers crossed for the rest of Aprilskin's skincare and makeup to make its way here.

The Aprilskin Pink Natural Line is available at all Guardian stores