Annick Goutal’s cult Rose Pompon debuts an all grown up persona

Annick Goutal’s cult Rose Pompon debuts an all grown up persona

From sweet to sensual

Text: Angelyn Kwek

The couture French perfume house embarks on a new sensual chapter in the olfactory story that is their Rose Pompon

It's not the most widely publicised, but us Singaporean women love our rose-scented products. Whether it's in our body lotions or infused into our makeup, the soft powdery floral just does it for us — especially given our humidity, which nixes all the headier scents the ladies in seasonal climes can pull off. And if you're as big a fan of niche retailer Escentials as much as we are, odds are you've chanced upon Annick Goutal in your search for the perfect rose fragrance.

So if the sentence 'yes, I totally have Rose Pompon' is flashing through your brain right about now, you'll be pleased as punch to know the perfume house has launched the eau de parfum rendition of its cult rose scent, re-worked to capture a more voluptuous and indulgent facet of the flower. Wildly sensual and feminine, the EDP departs from the lighter, carefree bouquet that was the original juice, anchored by pompom roses now in full bloom at the heart of its creation. Still as ja ne sais quoi as ever, Annick Goutal has also altered the same sparkling berry notes found in the toilette version to carry a denser attribute so that it'll sit on the skin with a deeper texture. There's even a hint of unexpected freshness in the blend to balance out the intensity of the roses, making it a scent meant to engage all of your senses.

Annick Goutal Rose Pompon EDP

To further reflect its grown up characteristics, the new EDP departs from the luminous transparency of the previous flacon, and is instead outfitted in full on fuchsia like a bold fashion statement. Trust us, you'll want to take time to smell this rose.

Available at escentials Paragon and escentials Tangs at Tangs Plaza, $225 - $300