Ana Ivanovic is the new face of Shiseido WetForce	sun protection range

Ana Ivanovic is the new face of Shiseido WetForce sun protection range

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Adidas

In a signing that makes perfect sense, the Serbian tennis star will front the innovative Japanese skincare brand’s revolutionary suncare line

Ana Ivanovic, 27, currently the seventh highest ranked female tennis player in the world, will be heading to Wimbledon today to take a shot at a title that has eluded her thus far. And she'll be carrying a secret weapon in her arsenal: Shiseido's new WetForce Sunscreen.

Anyone who is as active as Ivanovic will understand the importance of proper sunscreen application — not just for vanity's sake but to protect the skin's health and ward off skin cancer. But with the sheer amount of perspiration shed during a professional tennis match, whether ones sunscreen can actually stay on is another matter altogether.

Ana Ivanovic

WetForce is the first sunscreen to actually strengthen over time when it is exposed to water and perspiration by interacting with the minerals found in these fluids to create a uniform veil of protection. This high-performance sunscreen can even outlast a marathon tennis match and is made for those who lead sporty and athletic lives like Ivanovic.

Ivanovic is a natural choice as the face for this innovation as she is known for her natural beauty and fighting spirit. She has graced the pages of magazines like Vogue and is already an ambassador for Rolex and Adidas —  being a beauty ambassador seems like the obvious, next step. About her new signing, Ivanovic says, "I hope I can inspire other women toward greater confidence and raise awareness about sun protection and Shiseido's unique innovations."