Meet Amouroud, the newest niche fragrance brand to hit our shores

Meet Amouroud, the newest niche fragrance brand to hit our shores

I feel oud

Text: Renée Batchelor

What makes Amouroud stand out from other cult brands? Each scent is imbued with the richness of oud

In case you haven't heard the name, familiarise yourself with the Perfumer's Workshop — a fragrance company that has been around since 1970 and has pioneered aspects of modern fragrance creation and production. In fact, Perfumer's Workshop was one of the first luxury brands to offer custom-blend scents, at the Bloomingdales counter in the US, where customers could create their own individual scent in different fragrance forms. Fast forward to today, and the company introduces the Amouroud Collection to the discerning crowd that appreciates truly fine perfume, stripped off all the pomp and circumstance surrounding many creations in the market.Amouroud in Miel Sauvage, Oud du Jour and Safran Rare

Amouroud scents recapture olfactory memories focussing on earthy notes: Think woods, flowers, roots, and herb. But don't expect one-dimensional creations. Each scent is well balanced to bring out the richness of the oud, while maintaining its own character and delicious drydown. Standouts include the scent Miel Sauvage. With an intoxicating oud heart, other notes include incense, wild honey and jasmine with a drydown of patchouli and incense. Finally if you're all about the woody notes, give Oud du Jour a whirl. With base notes of rare Indonesian oud and gaiac wood, as well as other interesting touches like pink pepper, raspberry, lily and rose absolute, this ode to wood is long-lasting but never overwhelming, striking the balance between mystery and quiet sensuality perfectly. Each scent comes housed in a gorgeous black bottle with gold cap — hinting at the preciousness of the juice within, but never crossing into gaudiness. 

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