Alcheme: The Singaporean beauty brand offering bespoke skincare solutions

Alcheme: The Singaporean beauty brand offering bespoke skincare solutions

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Get to know this up-and-coming local skincare brand that’s making in-roads when it comes to the rising trend of personalised skincare

First things first: Before you go around sharing Alcheme to friends and family with a misguided pronunciation, the brand will have you know it's said no differently from the word 'alchemy'. And if you love yourself some name splicing (like the now defunct Brangelina and Jelena), you'll realise the brand name is a clever play on words that combine 'alchemy' with 'me' — a witty, indicative nod to its bespoke aesthetic.

Driven by innovation and the desire to prove that achieving luminous skin doesn't require a fussy 12-step routine and jars upon jars of products, Alcheme is touted as an industry disruptor challenging traditionally formulated, produced and recommended products with its made-to-order skincare designed specifically for Singaporean women. Every formulation is unique to an individual, made from botanicals such as moringa seeds, ginseng roots and babchi seeds, blended to ingredient combinations and dosages according to each person's needs. Produced and customised entirely in Singapore, Alcheme even takes into consideration how our muggy tropical weather affects texture and product absorbency when creating each personalised blend.

If you're a firm believer in personalised skincare, here's why you ought to give Alcheme a go:

Quite possibly the most tech-driven skincare brand to have sprung from our shores, Alcheme harnesses the forefront of facial recognition software to come up with its own proprietary algorithm to provide an objective and scientific assessment of your skin. Simply take a selfie (barefaced, of course) via your phone, tablet or webcam, which will then be uploaded onto its database to create your skin profile. From this image alone, their AI is able to analyse and pair your skin concerns with the correct active ingredients that not only addresses those issues, but helps to improve and enhance your complexion over time.

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Though there's only two on the shelf so far, plans are in the works to drop an eye serum soon. Currently, Alcheme offers a serum and emulsion: The former being a light yet nourishing product to feed your skin with vitamins and botanical extracts, and the latter a weightless moisturiser meant to be layered over the serum, working synergistically to give you optimal hydration. This capsule edit might too streamlined to be true, but the targeted nature of Alcheme is such that the ingredients have been carefully selected to deliver high-performing, maximum results — without any chemical or animal-derived nasties to boot — tailored just so, to your skin and your lifestyle.

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