This Albion range gives you the effect of 7 in-office procedures without any peels or needles

This Albion range gives you the effect of 7 in-office procedures without any peels or needles

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Text: Renée Batchelor

If you trust in science to fight the effects of age, but are too squeamish to go for procedures, you'll want to give the reformulated Infinesse line a spin

It's no secret that our skin condition slowly deteriorates as we age. But if you want to tackle the signs of ageing, you'll have to go beyond the surface deep into the skin structure. One way is through in-office cosmetic procedures or surgery. But if you're not willing to go through that route for various reasons, you'll be glad to know that Albion's newly reformulated Infinesse line tackles the dermal layer of the skin — that's the layer under your skin surface — stimulating dermal tissue proliferation for firmer, lifted skin and a more sculpted appearance.

Albion has been around since 1956, but that doesn't mean this quintessential Japanese brand is resting on its laurels when it comes to innovation. This time, the brand has developed a new medical grade, nano multipeptide complex, called OSK9, with a renowned university research organisation in Japan. This new ingredient comprises of five amino acids that is able to permeate deep into the skin to promote the proliferation of firming fibroblasts tissues. It also stimulates the production of both hyaluronic acid and collagen — key components of the skin's structure that keeps it firm, resilient and young.

Albion Infinesse Upsurge Solution, $167, Expansion Cream, $200 and Serum Peeling, $100
Albion is also different from other brands in terms of the skincare steps and products in its regimen. And this time, each of the products in this range has been designed to have the effect of a cosmetic or in-clinic procedure, so using them all has a noticeable synergistic effect. Start with the Eliminate Cleansing Milk, to soften the outer layer of skin and remove all traces of makeup and then, depending on your skin condition and preference, move on to the Deep Force Wash. This deep cleanses the skin, akin to the effect of a CO2 Laser Peel. Next, the Derma Pump Milk Lotion gives an 'injection' of collagen deep into the skin. This was inspired by a popular baby collagen treatment where a thinner and suppler form of collagen is actually injected directly into the skin. The following step is the Derma Pump Lotion that has replenishes hyaluronic acid and is inspired by the vital injection where hyaluronic acid, growth factors and vitamins are uniformly injected into the outer layers of the dermis. 

The final three steps in the regimen really brings out the big guns. The Upsurge Solution, mimics the effect of a spring thread lift, which is a non-surgical procedure that inserts threads under sagging skin to literally hook and lift the skin. With this advanced lifting serum, there'll be no ouch factor, though it still delivers on a lifting and sculpting effect. The Expansion Cream meanwhile is your classic cream moisturiser that restores moisture and elasticity in the same way that a fibroblast growth factor injection would. Finally for days when skin is looking dull and lacklustre, there's no need to book yourself in for a chemical peel in an aesthetic clinic. The Serum Peeling removes dead skin cells for a smoother and more luminous complexion, and should be used directly after face wash. The entire regimen costs about $800. It may seem pricey at first glance, but is a viable and afforadable option for the needle-shy.

From $63 to $200. At Albion counters in Metro Centrepoint and Takashimaya. Available from 1 October