5 unexpected ways to use your Aerin fragrances

5 unexpected ways to use your Aerin fragrances

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram

How to think outside the bottle, according to Aerin Beauty’s founder, Aerin Lauder

Aerin Beauty has finally landed on our shores with all nine of their signature fragrances that smell as pretty as they look, replete with the matching hand and body creams everyone and their best friend used to fly over to the US of A in order to get their mitts on. But if the name sounds a tad unfamiliar, all you need to know is that Aerin is the eponymous brand founded by Estée Lauder's granddaughter, and is ridiculously gorgeous — from the formulas to the packaging.

While we're still holding out for the makeup and home collections (yes, it's an entire lifestyle brand), we've gotten started on our hoarding with the fragrances, especially with Aerin herself sharing some tips and tricks on how to stretch the mileage of her scents besides spritzing them on your neck and wrists. Here are other five ways to use Aerin fragrances you might want to take notes on when you pick up your own bottle:

Aerin Beauty fragrances

1. In your hair
Fragrances tend to linger in the hair instead of fading out as they often do on skin. A clever trick Aerin has suggested is to give your hairbrush a mist or two, before running it through your hair for a scented refresher that'll have noses turning in your direction.

2. In your luggage
Your luggage might have taken one too many beatings on your frequent travels, but at least what's inside will still be all roses. Give the interior a few generous spritzes before you pack, and once you reach your destination, your clothes will smell of your favourite Aerin perfume.

Aerin Beauty fragrances

3. On your scarf
Working on the same concept as the luggage method, this one hits closer to the olfactory senses since your scarf is but a hand span away from your nose. Simultaneously enhancing the overall sillage of your perfume, saturating a beloved stole or wrap will also give you that sense of familiar comfort.

4. On your pillow
You know how some folks treat their beddings to a healthy dose of lavender spray to help them sleep better? Upgrade this nighttime ritual with your Aerin scent and you won't just get a good night's sleep, it'll be as luxurious as it is restful.

5. In the shower
This might sound a bit wasteful at first but its payoff goes a long way. And by 'in the shower', Aerin meant your shower curtains. Give it a few spritzes, hop in, and crank on the hot water. As you scrub, the steam will diffuse the scent, perfuming your bathroom into an amazingly fragrant space.

Aerin Beauty fragrances

Aerin Beauty is available the Estée Lauder boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, $45 - $260