A transgender model fronts Chanel Beauty, Tom Ford launches skincare, Dior is accused of cultural appropriation, and other beauty news

A transgender model fronts Chanel Beauty, Tom Ford launches skincare, Dior is accused of cultural appropriation, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

1. Transgender model, Teddy Quinlivan, is the new face of Chanel Beauty.

The news broke when Chanel released their latest campaign video, in which featured Quinlivan demonstrated a bronzed makeup look in just 5 minutes. The model and activist celebrated the achievement with an Instagram post detailing her bittersweet journey in the industry. "This was a victory that made all of that sh*t worth it," she wrote.


2. Tom Ford launches skincare line, Tom Ford Research.

The cutting-edge, unisex line is borne to meet Ford's exacting skincare standards. Two products have been announced so far — the Tom Ford Research Crème Concentrate and Serum Concentrate. The former comes with soothing benefits for irritated skin while the latter claims to reduce lines and wrinkles, both of which are available on and select retailers.

3. Dior pulls their 'Sauvage' campaign after complains of culture appropriation.

The ad featured footage of Johnny Depp walking through Utah's red rock country, intercut between clips of a Native American dancer and women. Critics pointed out that 'Sauvage' is a word used as an insult against Native American people, and that the video was exploiting Native peoples and culture for profit. Dior proceeded to remove the video from all social media platforms within hours of the backlash. The brand later said in a statement that the ad was meant to "change the misperceptions about Native Americans, to share accurate American history, to build awareness about Native Americans as contemporary peoples and to promote Indigenous worldviews" — which, unfortunately, might have missed the mark.


4. Khloe Kardashian disables Instagram comments after haters accuse her of getting lip fillers.

The drama started when the Keeping Up with The Kardashians star posted a selfie of her healthy, glowing skin. Unfortunately, haters decided to ignore her radiant complexion in favour of attacking her on her 'botched lip fillers', calling them 'overdone.' Khloe reacted by shutting down the Instagram comment function entirely.


5. Bella Thorne's all-natural skincare regime garners flak from the beauty community.

The actress shared her night-time skincare routine with Harper's Bazaar, where she revealed that she uses an "all-natural face scrub" containing olive oil, sugar, and lemon, and how "it makes skin smooth" and "takes away the indents" caused by acne scarring. This immediately sent skincare savants into a tizzy, as dermatologists have found lemon to be a major irritant for skin. Eep.


6. Clé de Peau Beauté drops new-and-improved skincare range, Key Radiance Care Range.

The reformulated line includes the brand's Skin Empowering Illuminator Complex — it ensures radiant, luminous skin with sustained use. Scoop up the full-line, which comprises a variety of serums, lotions, and creams, at Clé de Peau Beauté counters island-wide.

7. Miley Cyrus reveals two new tattoos at her VMAs performance.

The songbird unveiled her post-breakup ink while belting out latest single, Slide Away. The first is a minimalistic tattoo of the year 1961 in honour of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus' birth year. The second is from a Pixies' song, which reads, "My head was feeling scared, but my heart is feeling free."


8. 75-year-old supermodel Lauren Hutton reveals the beauty secret behind her ageless appearance.

"A good man. And certainly don't give up sex — because that's just silly," Hutton said in a recent interview with People magazine. 10/10 for originality, 0/10 for practicality.


9. Natasha Denona will be launching a nude lipstick collection with a massive shade range.

Aptly named, "I Need a Nude", this collection recognises that 'nude' more than one pale shade. In fact, there will be 18 hues available, stretching from very fair to super deep and they are categorised based on four undertones: beige, neutral beige, neutral pink, and pink. Its lightweight, creamy formula is the cherry on top.