A closer look at Chanel Le Rouge Collection No. 1

Red velvet

A closer look at Chanel Le Rouge Collection No. 1
In her first ever collection for Chanel, Lucia Pica creates a makeup range that is powerful, feminine and wearable all at once

When you think of the colour red, many words are conjured up including boldness, seduction and allure. Red is always seen as a powerful shade... wallflowers need not apply. In fact Gwyneth Paltrow once famously said, "Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick."

In designing her first ever makeup collection for Chanel, Lucia Pica, the brand's global creative makeup and colour designer had a lot of inspiration, "In Le Rouge Collection No. 1 there are also ideas of subversion and classicism. It is about the power of femininity, but also the vulnerability. Red is intense, vulnerable, sexual and eternal. I really wanted to explore the meaning of colour and what is behind it in the collection. There is an idea of the symbolism of red and a red undertone runs throughout. It is mainly an emotional and abstract response to colour." The collection includes several shades of red lipstick in different finishes from matte to cream, nail lacquers as well as the hue in more unexpected forms: a bold blush, red-tinged eyeliners and a shimmery, rust cream shadow.

Kristen Stewart Nails red for Chanel Le Rouge
When designing the colours and products, Pica was also aware of the constraints of modern women and wanted a collection that was easy and wearable too. "At the same time, I wanted quick, effective and bold ways of doing makeup. So, there are also ideas of liberation and practicality in the collection, using the power of red. I wanted to look at an opposition of textures; this is something I find interesting and am frequently drawn to in my work. In fact, oppositions and ideas of duality run throughout." Check out the full makeup collection in the gallery below:  


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Text: Renée Batchelor

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