6 under-the-radar beauty brands at Habitat by Honestbee’s Beauty Bar

6 under-the-radar beauty brands at Habitat by Honestbee’s Beauty Bar

Hidden gems

Text: Sinead Lee

Editor: Jolene Khor

Habitat by Honestbee has the characteristics of a Stepford wife: she knows your lunch order, gets your jokes and always has your best interest at heart. She even does so in true science fiction form; its incorporation of smart technology is the first of its kind in Singapore. On top of that, this homegrown grocery retailer is quick on the trigger, trying to seal the deal on its budding status as everyone's impossibly chic, well-curated go-to. Not just where food and beverages are concerned, but with grooming too — by hosting beauty brands you'd want to scoop up in their cosy section.

In all honesty, Habitat by Honestbee's Beauty Bar doesn't possess that trendy, "this is the beauty destination the Gen Z kids go to" vibe of a more recognised beauty retailer. (Hey, Sister Sephora). Though, it is this lack of interest in commercial competition that allows it its niche footing to stronghold. Those hungry for new discoveries will be happy to learn that Habitat by Honestbee's Beauty Bar hawks beauty wares such as Ooh La Lab, Re:Erth, among other unexpected under-the-radar contenders you may have yet to try. Even for the label snobs in all of us, discovering a hidden gem (at least it was, till now) serves as the cherry on top of an already impressive product.

Good one, Habitat by Honestbee. Good one.

Available at Habitat by Honestbee, 34 Boon Leat Terrace.