3 products that help you look fresh in the heat

3 products that help you look fresh in the heat

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Your face constantly meets heat, frequent rainfall and bouts of oppressive humidity. Here are some products that can help keep your skin looking better no matter the weather

It's been a slightly erratic July, that has vacillated between moments of extreme heat and thunderstorms. But as we approach August, the need for lightweight skincare and makeup to sport in our sticky surroundings become a must. After all there's two public holidays — National Day and Hari Raya — and the upcoming F1 races to contend with.  Even if acne is not a problem for you, it's likely that like most Singaporeans you have some kind of oily or combination skin type or problems like visible pores. We've already warned you about getting the right skincare for your skin type. Now here are products that are easy to use, and do the job. Quick and fast. Like a good worker bee would.

Chances are, you're not going to use a sunscreen that's thick or heavy in weather like this. Or that you'll be less inclined to. This one from Canvas is infused with safflower and cucumber extracts to care for your skin, but more importantly is lightweight and non-sticky, leaving a translucent (non-chalky) finish.
Try: Canvas Sun Protect Gel SPF30, $65.30

Canvas Sun Protect Gel

Don't you just hate it when your skin gets all clogged up and oily? But are you too lazy to do something about it? Suck all the excess sebum out with this easy-to-use peel-off mask from Shiseido's Waso line. No excuses about having to rinse it off, just apply it, do you stuff, and peel it off in one smooth action when you're done. This one even absorbs airborne dirt particles and gets rid of them — think of it like a vacuum cleaner for your face!
Try: Shiseido Waso Purifying Peel Off Mask

Waso Peel Off Mask

You may not want to use a two-way cake in the age of cushions and liquid foundations, but if you're a shiny, happy person by nature, a face powder will still be needed to keep you looking polished. This one from The Body Shop ticks so many boxes. It is affordable, vegan, lightweight and can be whipped out at any point to freshen the skin. Our only gripe? We wish it came in more shades.
Try: The Body Shop Matte Clay Powder, $20The Body Shop Matte Clay Powder