24 Saturn: The revolutionary, minimalist Singapore skincare brand to know

24 Saturn: The revolutionary, minimalist Singapore skincare brand to know

No more regimes

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Would you believe there's no hard and fast rule when it comes to skincare? Not to mention the cleanse-tone-moisturise system is considered to be way outdated, especially by the new crop of minimalist beauty brands that are turning old-school beauty routines on its head and paving the future of skincare with smarter, more efficient products. One such innovator is 24 Saturn, a revolutionary skincare label born, bred, and manufactured entirely in Singapore (#supportlocal).

Founded by Sarah-Eden Chan — whose derring-do to launch her own skincare line came after an epiphany with a local skincare chemist — 24 Saturn lives by the creed that 'good skin is easy', achievable with high grade, natural skincare solutions that are usually reserved for use in a derm's office. To that end, the brand seeks to level the playing field by making these exclusive formulations accessible to everyone, launching in 2015 with two signature serums that worked so well together, it did away with the moisturising step completely.


So what goes into a no-moisturiser regime? As little as two products and a lot of room to play with what you use, it turns out. To start off, Chan recommends the Scrub-Free Exfoliant paired with the Anti-Wrinkle Serum, where glycolic acid in the former helps to deep cleanse and remove dead skin without abrasion, and apple stem cells in the latter aids in anti-ageing. Used daily, the duo's potent efficacy naturally renews cells and boosts collagen to visibly improve your complexion. In fact, Chan hasn't touched an iota of moisturiser in nearly three years now but her skin's clarity and glow could rival a Korean actress (yes, we saw her face up-close in person and will swear to this under oath).

And as for that regime flexibility we hinted at? 24 Saturn believes the needs of our skin change frequently, and as such should be addressed accordingly with small doses of efficient, high-grade solutions. Say you've a pimple outbreak; swap your current serum for the Anti Acne version until those pesky zits have calmed, and then simply move on to the next serum that suits your skin's condition. It's all about switching around your product lineup to tailor to your skin's present combination and needs — and all without having to fuss with a strictly-to-the-letter 12-step routine. Now get with this no-moisturiser programme, stat.

24 Saturn is available online, $34.35 - $79.30