Zegna's new fragrance collection explores the facets of a man

Zegna's new fragrance collection explores the facets of a man

What makes a man?

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you want a scent that is sophisticated, masculine yet individual, we have good news for you... Zegna is introducing five of them

Have you ever wanted to get a scent for someone — man or woman — and find yourself pigeonholed? Whether it's a sensual woody fragrance for a guy, or a lush floral for a woman, it can be hard getting it right when it comes to such an exercise in personal taste. Similarly, when you're buying a new fragrance, the offerings can be hit and miss. Beneath the marketing and the packaging, a scent, when stripped bare, either works on your skin and for your personality, or it simply doesn't. That's why perfumers and houses are increasingly turning to collections to appeal to more discerning clients, a variety of tastes and personalities, and simply to offer choice to their customers. Zegna's Elements of Man: The Life Collection is a super luxurious new collection of complex, 'fortified' blends that were specially curated for the modern gentleman. Cleverly, each has been linked to traits to help give each fragrance a direction as well as to be matched to different personalities.

First in the collection is Strength. As its name implies, this is a powerful fragrance that has tenacious notes of tobacco leaves, golden honey, agarwood and ripe apricot, that encase a core of burnt musk. It's the kind of fragrance that demands attention and rightfully makes an entrance — along with its wearer — so wallflowers need not apply. If you're the kind of man who's a lover, not a fighter, Passion will be an apt choice. An intoxicating brew, this has notes of resinous olibanum deepened by rum and cognac as well as sensual touches of amber and saffron to recall the romance and radiance of firelight. If you prize your Integrity, then the scent that shares its name will surely delight. An olfactive embodiment of mind balanced with matter, herbal, clary sage, pink pepper and summer-ripe, pimento berries are some of the fragrance notes, backed by a green freshness. 

Hero image of a man Zegna Elements

Rounding off the rich and diverse collection are Talent, that is more of an arty, modern and refreshing scent thanks to crisp, Oriental-inspired additions — yuzu, Sichuan pepper, bergamot and black tea are played against base notes of patchouli and cedarwood for the perfect balance. Perhaps the most revered scent, Wisdom, is something we can all aspire to. Embodying a natural (but never stuffy) sophistication, the notes are varied yet blend perfectly. Expect Italian mandarin, winter lemon and green verbana mingling with coriander leaves, French lavender and underpinned by a steely, musk. These premium scents are also packaged in a luxe, yet contemporary fashion. All are housed in a weighty, glass bottle and distinguised by only the burnished, bronze plates that bear their names, meaning that they'll look equally good by themselves, or lined up as part of your fragrance wardrobe.

$500 each. Available at Ermenegildo Zegna boutiques