Why Sulwhasoo Men is a worthy investment for your skin

Why Sulwhasoo Men is a worthy investment for your skin

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Luxury Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo Men has a range of elegant yet effective products that may just be the kickstart your skin needs

When it comes to skincare, men tend to take a somewhat more pragmatic approach than women. It seems like the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies perfectly to the attitude that most men have when it comes to skin, and specifically ageing. Men are happy as long as they look the same as they always have. Problems only set in when a man begins to realise he's not looking as 'fresh' as before. The reality is that when men do age, the signs are quick to appear and pretty visible. Common signs of ageing in men include dark circles, sagging skin, a dull complexion and turkey neck (or loose skin around that area). And treating these concerns after they've already occured is an uphill task, as the decline in testosterone and the process of natural ageing leads to the death of epidermis cells and a general loss of moisture.

The reality is that everyone ages, and yes it's wholly your prerogative to age gracefully. However, there's nothing to stop you from ageing smartly, and recognising the need for protective and regenerative skincare to stave off the effects of time, for as long as possible. Women's skincare brands have started making men's ranges over the past ten to fifteen years to meet the growing demand. But Sulwhasoo Men is one of the first to combine luxurious textures and packaging with ancient beauty knowledge to really treat and target concerns. The key ingredient in the line is Jeongyangdan a complex infused with five medicinal herbs: pine, skullcap, dried ginger, Siberian ginseng and Gaoderma lucidum, that have been selected in accordance with yin and yang theory and the effects they have specifically on men's skin. In addition to Jeongyangdan, ginseng and dward lilyturf extracts are also added to soothe and regenerate the skin.

Sulwhasoo Men Styled shot

This year, Sulwhasoo Men updates and revamps its formulas for three existing products and introduces a new Cleanser — a mainstay in any men's skincare routine. The star product? The Inner Charging Serum, that helps in the natural regeneration of men's skin by addressing wrinkles, a loss of resilience and dullness. This replaces the brand's Essential Skin Refiner, but has even greater anti-ageing and hydrating properties for visible differences in wrinkles, dullness, and moisture levels. Just pat on a 20-cent coin amount of this lightweight, water-gel serum on the skin, after cleansing or shaving, to help it absorb immediately. 

Sulwhasoo Men Inner Charging Serum

But, men should always begin your daily skincare routine with cleansing. Why is a cleanser better than a regular soap and water? A good cleanser, like the new Refreshing Cleansing Foam helps to get rid of dead skin cells and any waste build-up — think dust and pollutants — thanks to its dense foam formula and natural powder particles. Ample cleansing will also help exfoliate skin gently on a daily basis, so your complexion is smoother and brighter. 

The final step in your simple, fuss-free routine? Hydration. There are two option in the range. A more lightweight Skin Reinforcing Emulsion that is perfect for day use, and a richer Age Defying Cream. The Emulsion is the perfect post-shave skin soother as it soothes and relaxes with its refined, woody pine sent. The Age Defying Cream meanwhile, like its name suggest is a powerful and hardworking product that is infused with ginger seed oil to slow down ageing and give skin a much-needed dose of moisture. The oil is so precious, it can only be extracted once a year. Pack this cream in your bag when you travel and apply this before you head to bed in an air-conditioned room. Your skin will love the rich and nourishing texture that absorbs instantly, without a greasy after-feel. What you'll see on your skin? Better elasticity and better resilience when it comes to adapting to changes in the seasons and temperature (such as when you travel or switch from indoors to outdoor weather). Soon enough you'll find your Sulwhasoo Men range is an addictive and comforting routine that not only rejuvenates and relaxes, but recharges you after a long day. Who says men can't look after their skin and feel good while doing it?