Unbelievable beauty advice from male celebs that made us question our current beauty routines: Shawn Mendes, Zac Efron, and more

Unbelievable beauty advice from male celebs that made us question our current beauty routines: Shawn Mendes, Zac Efron, and more

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Bad beauty advice is everywhere. From old wives' tales to the deep recesses of the Internet, there is always someone somewhere claiming that it is a good idea to shave your legs with peanut butter (not kidding). As discerning consumers and voracious readers, thankfully, many of us are able to differentiate between the good, the bad, and the flat-out crazy — a skill to come in handy, these days, considering the head-scratching beauty tips male celebrities are dropping.

As of late: Shawn Mendes credits his clear skin to... not washing his face, Tom Brady wants you to prevent sunburn by drinking water, and Drake brushes his chompers with charcoal, of things. Below, the latest (and greatest) of unbelievable beauty advice that we're taking with (several) pinches of salt. You've been warned, dear reader. 

1. Shawn Mendes maintains his good skin with happiness, meditation and nothing else.
"I'm not lying when I tell you guys I don't wash my face," the singer-songwriter explains, before proceeding to credit his crystal clear complexion to happiness and meditation. He also claims that "you could rub dirt on your face, and if you're happy, you won't break out". And while Mendes isn't entirely off-the-mark with how stress does impact skin, it is definitely a stretch to claim that it is all that is needed for good skin. It doesn't help that damning evidence was released just hours after, evidence which contradicts his alleged skincare routine. At this point, we'll be happy with the number to his dermatologist.

2. Tom Brady suggests drinking water is as good as slathering on sunscreen.
The quarterback and husband to one Gisele Bündchen claims that his fair, Irish skin is protected by — oddly enough — staying hydrated. "These days, even if I get an adequate amount of sun, I won't get a sunburn, which I credit to the amount of water I drink. I always hydrate afterward, too, to keep my skin from peeling." The sweet spot? 12-25 bottles, according to Brady. A bladder-bursting amount to do what sunscreen can? We think we'll, uh, pass on this one.



3. Zac Efron doesn't wash his hair before big events.
That's right — the secret to the star's luscious locks comprises skipping his daily hair wash, as revealed in an interview with And while that might work in adding natural shine to locks, it is probably not all too feasible in Singapore's sweltering weather. Adopt with caution, we say.



4. Drake brushes his teeth with activated charcoal.
Strange as this may sound, it seems activated charcoal is actually shaping up to a popular ingredient in the teeth-whitening department — despite the lack of scientific evidence as to its efficacy. "Activated charcoal will not whiten teeth, but through abrasive action can be used to remove surface stains, which may give the illusion of 'whiter' teeth," notes Chicago-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Margaret Mitchell. Explains Drake's winning smile, TBH.



5. Diddy changes up his skincare routine every night.
"My bathroom is filled with so many different toiletries, so every night is a different experience," the 48-year-old entrepreneur said. He does, however, admit that his routine is not feasible for most, and recommends swapping up skincare routines based on season. Sounds fair.  


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