The scent collection she'll want to borrow

The scent collection she'll want to borrow

Italian luxury

Text: Renée Batchelor

Ferrari may be known for its culture of speed and luxury, but its fragrances take on a surprising new direction with these unisex offerings

Ferrari is a brand as masculine as they come — think shiny chrome, Italian luxury engineering and a need for speed all rolled into one. And similarly their scents have thus far been built on the pillars the brand is known for. Stepping in a slightly different direction, this new trio of scents from the Ferrari Essence Collection are based on the concept of the Mediterranean garden and are each centred around a single ingredient. So light and wearable are these fragrances, that the brand is marketing them as unisex.

Noble Fig immediately evokes images of a sun-drenched Mediterranean vacation. Described by the brand as a citrus, green woody; it has notes of  fig leaf, peppercorn, sage and orris and is likely to be popular with ladies who like to co-opt men's fragrances for themselves.

Noble Fig

Bright Neroli is perhaps the most quintessentially Italian scent from the lot as it uses native ingredients like orange blossom as well as Calabrian lemon in the juice. This scent is polished yet sophisticated. Wear it with crisp, white shirts and a golden tan.

Bright Neroli

Pure Lavender is a floral scent that even the men will love, thanks to the refreshing notes of woody lavandin absolute that adds depth to the fragrance along with base notes of vanilla, patchouli and cashmere wood. This is certainly not your grandmother's lavender; but a clever and modern take on this classic floral.

Pure Lavender

$127 each. At Ferrari boutiques.