Mühle: The luxury shaving brand every gentleman should know

Mühle: The luxury shaving brand every gentleman should know

Razor's edge

Text: Renée Batchelor

Combining German quality with modern luxury, Mühle has a large variety of shaving tools and products that are a worthy investment

While shaving is a daily activity for most gentlemen, few invest in quality products and tools — from a good razor to brushes to shaving bowls. Mühle is great option for the discerning gentlemen as its accessories and products are high-quality, well-priced and backed by years of tradition.

The brand was started in 1945 and today remains a third-generation family brand. The most interesting thing about Mühle are the variety of products available to suit every taste, budget and lifestyle. For example, although the brand carries more traditional badger hair and boar bristle brushes, there are also vegan options such as their Silvertip — that are just as soft as premium animal hair brushes — and Black Fibre brushes which are made with synthetic bristles. In Singapore, these options are popular with expatriate customers and those who seek more sustainable products. 

Creating a Mühle shaving brush

To meet the shaving needs (and skill levels) of different customers, there are also a good selection of razors available. If you're skilled at using a safety razor, there are open and closed comb options. If you'd rather the ease of using an easily replaceable razor head — the brand carries Gilette Fusion or Mach3 razors as well. 

And don't get us started on the options for the razor handles. This is where Mühle's artistry, craftsmanship and love for rare, natural woods and materials really come into play. From precious woods to fine lacquers, there's a material, colour and texture for every taste (and budget), so the sartorially-minded gentlemen can have a shaving set he can be proud of.

Mühle shaving creams and accessories

Also available, thoughtful accessories that walk the line between practicality and luxury. Porcelain and chrome shaving bowls, holders for your razors, skin-healing alum stones to treat any tiny knicks and waffle piqué shaving towels are some of the add-ons that can transform and elevate your shaving experience. The brand also has a range of grooming skincare and haircare products like organic shaving creams and shampoos to complete the ultimate, well-stocked bathroom. 

Check out some of the brand's shaving accessories below:

Mühle is available at Level 3, Takashimaya Men's Department and the Jermyn Street Barber Shop, 108 Amoy Street