The lowdown on a close shave

The lowdown on a close shave

The art of shaving

Text: Andrea Sim

How to get savvy with your daily shave

Step 1: Prep

The key to a perfect shave starts with prepping the skin. Working a small amount of pre-shave oil onto the face and beard before the shaving cream goes on not only softens follicles, but helps the razor blade glide smoothly across the skin, reducing irritation. Heat and moisture works well too, so shave during or after a hot shower if possible. 

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Step 2: Shaving cream & brush

Application of shaving cream is best done with a badger hair shaving brush, which creates a rich lather and lifts each whisker to maximise coverage. A shaving cream with natural moisturisers will give you the smoothest, most comfortable shave.

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Step 3: Shave

Run your blade with or across the grain– never against. Going against the grain is the main cause of razor burns and irritation. Rinse your razor and replace the blade often, as a dull blade can cause the same problem too.

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Step 4: Post-shave

Rinse your face with cold water to close the pores. Gently pat skin dry, and apply a soothing aftershave balm that contains natural moisturisers like aloe vera.

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All shaving tips courtesy of Shane O'Neill of Truefitt & Hill Singapore