The grooming products men from Mars will need to keep their skin afloat in space

The grooming products men from Mars will need to keep their skin afloat in space

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Editor: Jolene Khor

We could make a strong case about how even the manliest man needs skincare, though odds are you've heard it all before. You might have even graduated from nicking your sister/wife/mother's products and gotten a kit for yourself after a surreptitious visit to Sephora. But that self-satisfaction of thinking the cleanser-toner-moisturiser routine you picked up yonks ago will see you through until Armageddon needs to bite the dust.

With the skincare game constantly one-upping itself, it stands to reason that you need to switch up your routine very now and again to feed your skin with improved formulas and ingredients — especially the good stuff to intensively nourish and care for the ruggedly handsome mug you're so proud of. And we mean intense like on the level of surviving outer space atmosphere... which is another way of describing the harsh, recycled air environs of your office and airplane cabins that can dehydrate your face faster than The Flash.

Below, we give you the must-haves to upgrade your basic skincare routine to products that perform 120%. Bonus: It's all in gender-neutral packaging, so your man pride can rest easy.

1. Björk and Berries Gentle and Nourishing Cleansing Gel Formula
Tough on dirt but gentle on skin, the Swedes nailed it with this unique gel-clay formula that goes beyond clean. Suitable even for sensitive skin, anti-irritant pink clay deep cleanses to remove impurities and reduce visible pores while beta-glucan extracted from oats prevents dehydration, increases skin elasticity, and stimulates the vitality of the cells.

Available at Escentials, $63

4. SA.AL & CO Light Moisturizer and After Shave Balm
With a slogan declaring "simple skincare for demanding men", this Austrian find combines the qualities of a premium yet light moisturiser with those of an after-shave balm for a multi-tasker to carry with you everywhere. Besides replenishing the skin's moisture, it also disinfects, protects, and repairs — perfect for healing those accidental shaving nicks.

Available online, USD44

3. Allies of Skin Promise Keeper Blemish Facial
Men don't need to mask? Tosh! Every person's face needs a pick-me-up just like how our bodies need H2O; although we get that the masculine half of the population prefers as minimal a fuss as possible. Enter this nightly leave-on treatment mask made of enzymes, AHAs, and probiotics to nourish and tone blemish-prone skin, and pretty much give you that #iwokeuplikethis complexion. All you have to do is apply, snooze, and repeat.

Available online, $159

4. Codage Serum N°01
Leave it to the serum specialists [can hyperlink to this:] to know what's up: Inside this unassuming bottle is a powerful cocktail uniquely blended to provide skin with intense nourishment deep within the dermis as well as on the surface. Active ingredients and antioxidants aid the skin in retaining moisture, strengthening the skin's natural defenses, and reducing inflammation so that skin becomes more supple and resilient over time.

Available at Escentials, $135

5. 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Cream
You balk at the price tag now, but it's worth every penny. Containing rare diamond particles believed to have formed in space, this cream packs microspheres of the stuff to penetrate the deeper dermal layers of the face to deliver essential youth restoring ingredients that includes its famed NAC Y2 formula, which was originally developed to help astronauts recover from space travel. How's that for fighting skin issues from outer space?

Available at Robinsons The Heeren, $1,200

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