Tales of the wild: Journey with Dior Sauvage to explore the beauty of the untamed

Tales of the wild: Journey with Dior Sauvage to explore the beauty of the untamed

Wild at heart

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Follow in the footsteps of Johnny Depp and immerse yourself in the essence of the Sauvage man with a new series of Dior Homme web documentaries

Across vast plains and craggy terrain, the feral beauty of the earth is the stomping ground of the Sauvage man — pure and raw in its authenticity with an undeniable hypnotic pull. Embodied by Johnny Depp who first took us on a liberating joyride out into a desert prairie, Dior Homme's original 'wild man' is now joined by four like-minded compatriots on this uncharted path.

Dior Sauvage web documentary

Dare to tread the wilds with these four everyday heroes as they thrive in their bond with an untouched environment, relinquishing the trappings of urbanity and modern-day urgency to return to nature's cradle. Unrestrained in their chosen habitat but exuding an astute sophistication, they pursue their own destinies and entreat one and all to do the same. Now discover their journeys in a special four-episode web documentary filmed by directorial duo Mercenary that will open your senses to the world that is Dior Sauvage.

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