New men’s fragrances and colognes perfect for gifting this Christmas: Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Dior, and the like

New men’s fragrances and colognes perfect for gifting this Christmas: Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Dior, and the like

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Text: Emily Heng

Don't quote us, but whoever thought up 'to give is to receive' probably coined it with the festive period in mind. After all, what better way is there to express appreciation for your loved ones than with an elaborate, seasonally-appropriate gift most likely to end up in a trash heap five years after? *snorts* Jokes aside, gift-giving can be a wasteful business when it comes to both packaging and moolah. In the interest of living sustainably (and within your means), you should give according to what you receive. Fair's fair. To help you with that, we've come up with the ultimate cologne guide to gift the men in your life — because smelling great benefits you as much as it does them (he). Ready, set, wrap, folks.

If he gave you a silk scarf, gift him... the Eternity Calvin Klein Eau de Parfum For Men.

A man who gifts a classic, timeless offering is sure to appreciate an oldie-but-goodie — with a twist. Opt for the latest offering by Calvin Klein, which maintains its signature Fougere essence, except it's now accompanied with an unexpected dose of sage and cypress. The overall effect: a crisp, masculine scent to work for all occasions.


If he gave you a pair of limited edition sneakers, gift him... the Hugo Boss Bottled Absolute.

One hyped gift deserves another. And while this one doesn't come with a mile-long waiting list, it does come with limited edition status to whet queue-loving, "kiasu" appetites. Comprising bold, zingy notes of apple, bergamot, and plum, Hugo Boss Bottled Absolute scents the air with fresh, spicy notes that perfectly reflect contemporary masculinity.


If he gave you both a glamping experience, gift him... the Dior Sauvage Parfum.

Whip this out whenever your man is feeling a little stir-crazy from being cooped up indoors. The woodsy, warm tones layered within this musky effusion is sure to bring him back to that magical night (or week) glamping under the stars — and tide him over your next joint adventure.


If he gave you fancy chocolates... gift him the Thom Browne 09.27.65. Vetyver and Cucumber Eau De Parfum.

Much like a sweet treat that holds (close-to) universal appeal, Thom Browne's Vetyver and Cucumber Parfum is a safe, yet solid option, making it an ideal choice for those in newly-established relationships. Bonus: its versatile, unisex scent means you can steal a spritz or two, too.


If he gave you jewellery... gift him the Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Love Eau De Toilette For Him.

Pair this citrusy, aromatic fragrance with Tiffany & Co. cuff links, or the EDT For Her variation, if your bank balance doesn't allow it. Hey, technically what's yours is his, right? Failing that, let slip that it is a fragrance that pays tribute to a modern love — just like yours (aw).

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