New Coach Platinum fragrance for men will take you from work to after-hours

The scent of an American road trip

Text: Buro. Singapore

If the measure of a man were to be depicted by your sense of smell, the new Coach Platinum fragrance would be the calling card of the contemporary gent. A sophisticated, multi-hyphenate of today’s digital era that takes on the world with confidence and a certain magnetic energy, his is a scent that speaks the same language as Americana liberty — a character of daring unerringly captured by the House with its new blend.

Inspired by the spirit of the open road that hints at adventure and escape, the fragrance reflects the same dynamism with a warm, masculine sensuality comprised of distinctive notes such as black pepper oil, clary sage, and cashmeran. Described by perfumer Bruno Jovanic as “…a scent that captured the elegant way of life of a man who loves to escape from New York to feel the unique sensation of coming back to town”, the multi-faceted men’s fragrance is an olfactory signature that expresses savvy and modernity, no matter the occasion. From work to play and travel, see how the Coach Platinum is the scent that takes Ed Russell through his day.

Coach Platinum Fragrance

Bold yet tempered with a refined elegance, the opening burst of freshness is the perfect way to kick-start your state of mind while you get ready for work. The accords of black pepper oil, pineapple, and juniper berries add that zing reminiscent of a caffeine boost upon the initial spritz as you go about straightening your button-up, and by the time you slip into your jacket, the scent would have segued into its warm, floral heart notes of clary sage and geranium.

It doesn't get more invigorating than the combination of spice and woods to get your head in the game. And once you hit that late-afternoon stride where you swap work for play, the fragrance takes on a different nuance with its silage that hints at the interplay of all the ingredients, creating a distinct masculine scent that’s warm, sensual, and elegant with an undercurrent of vitality. Be it a game of tennis or a round of pool, you’ll be bringing the competition and a winning spirit of the Coach guy.

Going from Point A to Point B becomes an evocative trip no matter your destination. Anchored by an oriental base of vanilla leather, patchouli, and sandalwood, the rich blend of wood notes heightens the intimacy of a car’s confines, making your drive a luxurious experience that speaks of time well-spent instead of simply being in transit. Fittingly, the Coach Platinum flacon in a modern, mirrored metal finish topped with a turn-lock shaped cap works the look of a gentleman’s drinking flask meant to be kept close on his journeys.

Director: Vanessa Caitlin
Director of Photography: David Bay
Sound: Hazirah Rahim
Car sponsor: Hong Seh Motors
Special thanks: Crystal Lee

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