Discovering London with Josh Whitehouse, the face of Mr Burberry

Discovering London with Josh Whitehouse, the face of Mr Burberry

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Find out more about the face behind Mr Burberry, actor and musician Josh Whitehouse, as he reveals his favourite parts of London and how he juggles his fragrance wardrobe

More than a handsome face, Josh Whitehouse, the man who embodies the Mr Burberry family of scents, loves the bustle of London, performing both as an actor and musician, and building up his fragrance wardrobe. The face of both the Eau de Toilette and the newly-launched Eau de Parfum, Whitehouse has had the pleasure of working with acclaimed director Steve McQueen for the fragrance campaign film. And he has proven to be a good sport in real life as wel..

Says the brand's chief creative officer Christopher Bailey, "Mr. Burberry is our most significant men's fragrance to date. Inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat and by London, a city of great contrasts and contradictions. It is traditional yet irreverent, elegant without being pristine. It perfectly encapsulates a mood and an attitude that today's Burberry man will recognise as his own." The new Eau de Parfum is warm, sensual and woody. Fusing the classic tropes of British male perfumery, this has aromatic notes of tarragon with spicy cinnamon, rich patchouli and a base of amber and smoky vetiver. Find out how Josh Whitehouse weaves this new scent into his existing fragranc wardrobe collection and what he thinks of London as a city of inspiration.

Mr. Burberry is referred to as a 'man of contrasts'. In what ways are you a man of contrasts?
I am generally quite a quiet person in my day-to-day life and more of a thinker than a speaker. However, I am also a performer so when I'm up on stage with my band I become quite the opposite. In fact, while performing in general — be it acting or music — I, like many other creative people, find that this often becomes something of a release. It is certainly one of my own personal contrasts.

Mr. Burberry is inspired by London. How would you describe the energy of London?
I find the energy of London to be almost frantic: crackling with the busy feet of the busy people running here, there and everywhere. It is a place that is beaming with creativity and life from every corner.

Describe your perfect London night?
My perfect night in London would be with close friends on a nice summer evening, having early evening drinks in Islington or Soho, then off to somewhere nice for a bite to eat, followed by bowling or going to see a comedy, a play, a film or to watch a band. 

How would you describe the Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette in three words?
Bright. Sensual. Fresh.

Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum is very sensual. What is your take on sensuality?
To me, sensuality is all about touch, smell, intimacy and how I feel — a culmination of experiences.

How do you think a man should wear fragrance?
If a man enjoys wearing a fragrance, I think it's nice to have a day scent and a night one. I would apply Mr.Burberry Eau de Toilette in the morning around the neck and chest area just after a shower. Then if I'm going out later, I'll wear Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum.

Do you consider yourself more of a connoisseur of fragrance and grooming since you became the face of Mr. Burberry?
I definitely know more about fragrances now than I did before! It's been an educational experience.

Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum is a deeper, more sensual fragrance. What do you feel is a sensual way for a man and a woman to wear fragrance?
Smell is such a huge part of somebody's character. We remember people by their scent, and I find there is such a nostalgic quality to fragrance. For that reason, I think having a fragrance that you wear all the time is nice for both men and women. It becomes part of who you are, which is why having another fragrance to wear for special occasions is equally important.