The most adventurous hairstyles for men

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Timothée Chalamet raised more than a few eyebrows — and inspired more than a few memes — with his latest 'do. Here are other celebrity haircuts that are not for the faint of heart

When it comes to hairstyles for men, we do admit that guys have it way tougher than women. If a man spends a little too much time on his hair, or dares to try an adventurous hue like platinum or even red hair, he is often deemed vain and too high-maintenance. Tow the line with a professional and perfectly stylish haircut and he may be deemed boring. Too derivative a hairdo? You may be accused of being a Leonardo Di Caprio copycat. 

And if a guy dares to veer too far into 'creative cut' territory he can get picked on for being, well, strange. When actor Timothée Chalamet recently cut his hair (presumably for a role) the internet went into a collective meltdown. Sure the unevenly chopped 'do looked a bit like a kindergartener took craft scissors to Timmy's hair, but it turns out Chalamet's new style is pretty versatile. Slicked back on the red carpet it was perfectly 'acceptable' by everyman standards.

Whether you're going for a fade with massive height like actor John Cho, or are willing to try bleached-out tresses, don't let a daring style stop you from experimenting. Our advice? Know your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your facial structure and hair type. Don't attempt Tarzan tresses if you have coarse and wiry hair or if you work in corporate finance. Take a peek at our gallery above to see how these dapper dudes rock their signature hairdos, and get inspired to test the limits of cool.


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