Gentlemen, here's your skincare cheat sheet

Gentlemen, here's your skincare cheat sheet

Grooming 101

Text: Larry Yeo

Make these top three grooming basics part of your daily skincare routine

It's not the case that men do not face problems with their skin — they just don't talk about it like women do. Follow these simple grooming habits to help solve common skincare problems.

1. Physical exfoliation
It helps smooth the skin texture, prevents ingrown hair and gives the skin clarity. But don't over scrub. Men tend to, as they feel the harder they scrub, the cleaner their faces. This simply irritates the skin.

Our recommendation: Use Clarisonic on your bare, damp face after a facial wash. It cleans well and the scrubbing is timed.

Clarisonic Aria Sonic Cleansing Brush, $270

2. UV protection
This is also key to improving your skin texture and tone, plus it slows down skin ageing. It's a daily must, not just when you're playing sports.

Our recommendation: Men who want multiple benefits from one product can try the SK-II Men UV Protect Moisturiser SPF30. It hydrates without being too heavy and provides ample UV protection. The anti-ageing claims don't hurt either. 

SK-II Men UV Protect Moisturizer, $134

3. Aftershave moisturisation
Shaving facial hair causes irritation to the skin quite often, and using a moisturiser on the affected area soothes and prevents redness and patchiness.

Our recommendation: There are many alcohol-based aftershave products that don't actually soothe the skin. Try the Kiehl's "Close-Shavers" Squadron Post Shave Repair Gel to calm the skin down. 

Kiehl's "Close-Shavers" Squadron Post Shave Repair Gel, $40