Boys, these are the grooming treats to get you through the holidays in one piece

Boys, these are the grooming treats to get you through the holidays in one piece

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Text: Sinead Lee

Editor: Jolene Khor

Image: Instagram | @sebas_lee

As you manoeuvre though the minefield that is the holidays, it's safe to say that your complexion goes through just as much as your schedule, especially when exposed to seasonal aggressors. The stress from the dollars thrown at lavish gifts for your loved ones (they deserve nothing but the best, but still) and late-night partying (your favourite vice especially this time of the year) presents you with plenty of dark circles to go around (pun intended). And consequently, regrets. 

Gents, you can't expect to wake up looking like Daniel Henney without fine-tuning a skincare response to the demands of modern (read: baller) life. Patrick Bateman of American Psycho would be appalled that you've chosen 'Can't Feel My Face' by The Weeknd as your theme song. Ergo, our holiday beauty guide just for you hopeless men, to help you anneal your grooming routine so you exit the year the way you came into it: looking like a total babe.

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If you're freaking out about what to buy for your girl
... take a swig of whiskey and pick out an anti-ageing cream — for yourself. It's the closest thing to a "delete" button there is where stress is concerned. The hours spent on deciphering what your girlfriend wants for Christmas will be worth it, but what you need first is a powerful cocktail of ginseng seed oil from Sulwhasoo's Age Defying Cream. You'll look beautiful, but not nearly beautiful enough to get away with a sh—tty gift so get your ass moving already.

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If you're seeing the world
Don't wait for the brittle solstice to roll around when the aircraft is cruising at 20,000 feet until you show your skin some hydration love. The lack of moisture in planes' recycled air definitely means business, even if you're not seated according to class. To prevent dryness from wreaking havoc on that money-maker of yours, pack a travel-sized tub of Hera's intensely-hydrating Super Aqua Cream in your carry-on. It stops parched skin in its tracks and keeps skin feeling nourished long after you disembark.

Available at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

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If you plan on being drunk until the new year
Firstly, drink responsibly. Secondly, groom responsibly. The smell of Mamonde's Recharging All-in-one Fluid is a temporary reprieve from your hangover headache, while its formulation of caffeine and vitamins will fake a good night's rest. As the name suggests, you won't have to fumble with multiple products when the harsh daylight hits you between the eyes. The do-it-all-er acts as a toner, lotion and essence, brightening your complexion even when you're teetering on the edge of death.

Available at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.