#ManCrushMonday: David Bowie

#ManCrushMonday: David Bowie


Text: Renée Batchelor

Possibly one of the most influential men in rock — when it comes to both makeup trends and music — David Bowie continues to innovate and inspire

David Bowie is in the building. After the surprise launch of his album The Next Day in 2013, the soon to be 69-year old is following up with another album Blackstar, to be released on his birthday, the 8 January. Bowie is our ultimate man crush not only for his creative genius — inspiring artistes from Nirvana's Kurt Cobain to Radiohead — and producing modern masterpieces like Hunky Dory, but for the fact that he was the pioneering mainstream artist who brought together performance and costume and inspired millions of fans to dream beyond their mundane existences.

You think Lady Gaga is cool? Check out Bowie's various incarnations. He's even made a memorable foray into acting, notably as the Goblin Prince in the cult hit Labyrinth and as Nikola Tesla in Christopher Nolan's The Prestige. And a man who is not afraid to wear makeup, will always be a rock god in our books.

A red mullet and blue eyeshadow... why not?
In his operatic and spawling masterpiece Life on Mars, Bowie rocked a powder blue suit like no other. His look (and the song) was recently recreated by the character Elsa Mars (played by Jessica Lange) on American Horror Story: Freakshow.

He wears red lipstick pretty well
In his video for Ashes to Ashes in 1980 — then the most expensive video of all time, costing a cool £250,000 — Bowie dons a Pierrot costume and the character's whitened face as he makes his way through a post-apocalyptic landscape with members of London's The Blitz Kids.

80's Bowie was a platinum blonde
Only Bowie could survive the 80's looking this good.

You're never too old to wear guyliner... besides he practically invented it
With the debut single from his namesake album Blackstar, Bowie heralds a return to his avant-garde roots. He's nearing 70 but it seems the ultimate trendsetter is not slowing down anytime soon. Bow down. 

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