Guys, Louis Vuitton's fragrance collection for men is finally here

Guys, Louis Vuitton's fragrance collection for men is finally here

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Text: Renée Batchelor

We've waxed lyrical on the women's scents by perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Now the men finally get a slice of Louis Vuitton's legendary elegance, bottled for your olfactory pleasure

Gentlemen, there's a new player on the market when it comes to exquisite scents. The fashion and accessories house, Louis Vuitton, which is known primarily for its creation of the trunk luggage, is finally releasing its men's fragrance collection, 20 months after its first seven women's scents were unveiled. And like with its women's range, the brand has gone big — dropping five different scents at one go — and all built around the themes of voyage.

Says the brand in the press release, "This time, he [perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud] proposes a journey dedicated to men, delving into the heart of their instincts for freedom and their pioneering sensibility. Five exceptional fragrances pay homage to the adventurer on a quest for self-revelation. Five singular compositions capture breathtaking discoveries and evoke a masculine energy right on the skin's surface, without clichés or caricatures." With most other brands, it would seem a very bold claim, we have every confidence in the vision of Belletrud and the house that these will be some interesting and refined scents.
Louis Vuitton men's scents
Like the women's scents, each fragrance is housed in a sleek, minimalist flaçon designed by Marc Newsom, exposing only the colour of the juice and the name printed neatly across each bottle. We love that this speaks to both men and women, and really there's nothing to stop women from using these scents and vice versa. Bonus points for the fact that the bottles are designed to be refillable in store — an eco-friendly move that we approve of. We haven't yet had the opportunity to smell these new compositions, but each seem to be designed to occupy a particular olfactory family.

Louis Vuitton Orage

L'Immensité (love the name) is all about taking flight when you're feeling stifled. What does the fantasy of freedom smell like? Cavallier blended bitter notes of grapefruit with ginger, labdanum, ambroxan and amber for a sharp-edged freshness, using techniques like extracting with carbon dioxide to get the right facet of particular notes. Love travelling and discovering new worlds? Us too. Nouveau Monde was designed as an homage to explorers, particularly legendary 19th century explorer, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza — who happened to be one of Louis Vuitton’s most loyal clients. The creation that was sparked by de Brazza's sense of adventure is an enveloping one that is described by the house as a "comforting breath of fresh air". Constructed around a natural cocoa resinoid, contrasting notes of oud assam from a small family-run farm in Bangladesh, and an injection of spicy saffron. This creates a wholly unexpected intermingling of leather, oud, cocoa and incense on the skin.

And for the earthy and vegetal Orage, a woody fragrance, Belletrud concentrated on the a dozen or so truly, luxurious materials. Blending the elegant iris with a patchouli heart, the scent is enlivened with touches of bergamot and grounded with Javanese vetiver that is fractionated in Grasse. The result is a fragrance that just melds into the skin and invites the casual observer to lean in closer for a whiff — perhaps one of the hardest tricks to achieve in perfumery. 

From $370 for 100ml. Available at Louis Vuitton boutiques from 31 May

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