Leonardo DiCaprio's '90s hairstyle is back

Leonardo DiCaprio's '90s hairstyle is back

My hair will go on

Text: Renée Batchelor

Everything old is new again as many of the millennial multi-hyphenates are adopting actor Leonardo DiCaprio's floppy, '90s hairdo and adding their own personal updates

It seems there's an Instagram army of '90s-era DiCaprios today. Just scroll through most of the It boys in fashion, music and television and you'll see that many are sporting the 'short at the sides, long and floppy on the top' hairdo that was popularised by the actor in hit films like Romeo + Juliet and Titanic. One thing that's almost mandatory to nailing the look? Your fringe falling in your face. Now many of these fly guys have put their own twist on the look — from more volume to more bedhead to less blonde — but there's no doubt that a certain Oscar-winning actor with a dream career was the inspiration for many. They may not have Leonardo's distinctive widow's peak hairline, but they've definitely got his vibe down pat. DiCaprio may now be (ahem) middle-aged and with a dad bod to boot, but he was once a dreamboat of epic proportions. Here are five guys who prove that imitation is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery.

The aspiring photographer and eldest scion of the Beckham dynasty may be getting a lot of flak for his photography book What I See, but as far as hairstyles go he's bang on trend. Seen here getting a trim, brunette Brooklyn might not have that honey blonde tone, but he certainly has attained the signature floppiness.
DiCaprio meter: 3/5


Although he has since dyed his hair black for his role as Jughead Jones on Riverdale, actor and photographer Cole Sprouse bore more than a passing resemblance to 1997 DiCaprio with his original blonde hair. And we have to say, his super-long fringe — does it not irritate the eyes? — does justice to the original.
DiCaprio meter: 4.5/5


Presley Gerber is another young model whose blonde locks recalls DiCaprio's hairstyle, though he wears his with more volume, as a kind of pompadour, brushed back from his face. But let's get real. He needs way more hair in his eyes if he's truly striving for this look.
DiCaprio meter: 3/5


The formerly platinum-haired model Lucky Blue Smith may be an obvious example, as he has a similarly smouldering demeanour and piercing blue eyes. Plus, he has since let his hair grow into its more natural, blonde shade. DiCaprio deadringer we say.
DiCaprio meter: 4.5/5


The look works on dark hair too. Here Korean hearthrob and actor Nam Joo Hyuk looks like a lost '90s boyband member, but his locks are a tad too wavy for a spot-on homage. But some time with his flat iron may do the trick.
DiCaprio meter: 3/5



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