Hugo Boss' new scent will take you on an urban journey

Hugo Boss' new scent will take you on an urban journey

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Can't get enough of the Hugo Man collection of scents? Get acquainted with its newest addition

How do you bottle the scent of a modern man? Perhaps by adding a pinch of adventure, a touch of derring-do and a dose of devil-may-care spirit. Maybe you get Zac Efron to front the campaign, just to add that sprinkle of star power? If you love the fresh, uncomplicated and intensely wearable Hugo Man series of scents, the new limited edition Hugo Man Urban Journey is yet another bottle to add to your collection. The juice is an energetic blend of juicy orange, spicy green cardamom and a rare moutain bloom, the Himalayan whorlflower, that lends it a sharp freshness. 

Hugo Boss Hugo Man Urban Journey

The result of this unusual combination of zesty fruit, spice and aldehydic notes in a gorgeous contrast between intensity and aquatic freshness, which we think makes for an interesting dynamic. If you find many bold scents too heady for this climate, and most aquatic scents too airy and not long-lasting enough, Urban Journey is the best kind of compromise. The heart of the scent includes aromatic black tea and the synthetic note cascalane. Rounding off the base notes are sandalwood, raw, smoky gaiacwood and undertones of oakmoss at the base. And if you're a creature of habit, the flask-shaped flaçon — a sleek and minimalist design that has remained unchanged for over 20 years  — will be a source of comfort. This time it has a slightly rough, almost cement-like finish that speaks of the adventures to be had in the urban jungle.

From $91 to $131. Available at all major department stores from March