Made for the urban males: Hera Homme launches its multi-functional skincare range for the gents

Made for the urban males: Hera Homme launches its multi-functional skincare range for the gents

Not just for metrosexuals

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram | @hera.singapore,

Meet Hera Homme, the counterpart to the K-beauty brand’s savvy Seoulista

Yes, we all make fun of the K-pop boy bands wearing enough makeup and guyliner to participate in RuPaul's Drag Race but you have to give the Korean men props for seriously investing in their skin. With K-beauty taking the lion's share of the market when it comes to skincare — and it seems there's always an innovation or another popping up — it was only a matter of time before a dedicated men's line made its way to our shores.


And taking the lead on this is Hera as they launch Hera Homme in Singapore, which nicely rounds out the beauty offerings already retailing at its counter. Designed to meet the skincare needs of the busy man-on-the-go (and the man who loves his skincare), the Homme sub-brand introduces an entire regime for modern gents that covers every concern from basic care to preventative anti-ageing. Each product has been formulated to be multi-functional while being extremely effective, not to mention the sleek packaging in a black-and-white colour palette even the manliest man won't be shy to break out in the locker room.

So what can the average bro expect? For the men who're still on the drugstore stuff, this here is the 101 on what you should pick up from Hera Homme to give your skincare the ultimate upgrade (you're welcomed).

The primary line of the brand that caters to dehydrated and weakened skin; Homme Basic has been described as 'an energy drink for the skin'. Moisturising, brightening, and soothing, the actives in this lineup is a proprietary ingredient trademarked as Penta Power Complex which was developed through extensive studies on men's skin. Caffeine is another key ingredient, of which the combination of both works to balance moisture-oil levels, gently resurface skin by removing dead skin cells, and overall fortify the skin barrier. There's also Vitamin B3 to help improve dullness and amino acids to aid with the early signs of ageing. 

Great for: The coming-of-age lad, the busy professional, the everyday millennial

An amped up version of the basic series, this is high-powered anti-ageing created using in-depth research that targets the underlying causes of ageing such as environmental factors, dryness, and enlarged pores. Made with a key complex known as Black Perfect Blending that comprises of rare black truffle and acai berry extract, these premium ingredients not only lend the products a certain exclusivity, it enhances the skin's natural protective power to help defend against external aggressors. All this good stuff is quickly absorbed as well, thanks to bio-polysaccharides that are extremely light in molecular weight so that the product sinks right into the skin and retains its moisture content. Did we also mention it smells elegantly masculine?

Great for: The lazy dad, the mid-life crisis chap, the high-flying exec

As literal as it gets, this is the must-have trio of daily face wash, exfoliating scrub and sun protection. Of course, they're not as simple as they read as each product can be used two ways. For instance, the cleansing foam works as both facial wash and shaving cream, and the sunscreen shields against UV rays while also acting as a sebum-absorbing powder.

Great for: Every specimen of the XY persuasion


Hera Homme is available at the Hera counter at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, $30 - $78