Guys, this mud mask is the answer to your skin woes

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Guys, this mud mask is the answer to your skin woes
If you think men and face masks are not a good combination, think again. Investing just a little time in your skin can get rid of a whole host of skin problems

Asking a guy to put on a face mask (not the sheet kind, but the kind from a jar), is like asking Alexander Skarsgård not to take off his shirt in Tarzan... an impossibility. But more and more men are biting the bullet and realising that an intensive treatment like a mask, can really treat and repair skin. This new Biotherm Homme T-Pur Blue Face Clay is especially great for the oily and imperfect skin that many men have in our weather. All the brand asks is for a 3-minute investment in your skin once a week.
biotherm Homme T-Pur Blue clay Mud mask

Apply this on and the watch the clay — specifically rhassoul clay from Morocco — work it's magic. This hardworking mask unclogs pores, gets rid of sebum and residue and leaves skin fresh and clean without that stripped feeling. And if rough skin is getting you down, you'll be glad to know that a mineral-packed algal extract reduces roughness, so your skin feels smoother to the touch. Think of this as war paint against the aggressors on your skin and the only kind of coloured product you'll want on your face. Wear this blue-tinged clay loud and proud — just remember to wash it off before you head out.

$48. At Biotherm counters 

Text: Renée Batchelor

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