Gucci's newest fragrance is bringing sexy back

Gucci's newest fragrance is bringing sexy back

Absolute Gucci

Text: Renée Batchelor

With Jared Leto as the face and Alessandro Michele as the creative mind, what else would you expect from Gucci's new guilty Absolute fragrance?

With so many fragrance campaigns emphasising an ultra-masculine brand of sexuality, it's kind of refreshing to see the handsome, slightly dandyish Jared Leto staring back at you in the visuals for Gucci Guilty Absolute, the house's newest men's scents. Dressed in a pipe-edged jacket with slicked-back hair, there's a '70s vibe running through the campaign and reflected in the cognac-coloured juice of the new scent, housed in the signature flask of the Gucci guilty scents. In fact the whole flaçon aesthetic was inspired by the textures and colours of cigars and cognacs and bears a tobacco, military-colored outer carton and the house even used vintage apothecary bottles and bell jars, to show the elements of the fragrance in an unconventional way. 

Gucci Guilty Absolute bottle

The scent inside is described as being for the "for the modern liberated dad, lover or companion who is not bound by rules or norms, and explores and enjoys all of his passions without guilt." We take it to mean that traditionalists need not apply. And if you're expecting the typical woody construction to the scent, you will be surprised, as master perfumer Alberto Morillas has added a twist. The structure of Guilty Absolute remains unchanged from the first time it is applied to skin — unlike most fragrances that evolve from top note to bottom note. With the note woodleather added as a tribute to the former saddle-maker's leather-making roots, other touches include nootka cypress, goldenwood, vetiver and patchouli oils that have a sweet, dark and earthy character. Expect a fragrance that is has ultra-dry woody notes, but a surprising depth and complexity.