The velvet jacket of scents: Giorgio Armani Eau de Cèdre

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The velvet jacket of scents: Giorgio Armani Eau de Cèdre
Gentlemen, want a scent that's casual but still sophisticated? Spray this on for size

When it's time for a night out on the town your fragrance should be the last thing that you spritz on before you step out. But sometimes finding the right scent for the occasion — or the outfit — can be a challenge. Sporty or sophisticated scents are aplenty, but very few walk the line between casual yet polished.

The fourth scent in Giorgio Armani's Eaux Pour Homme range, Eau de Cèdre, is inspired by the velvet jacket. Not just for ageing rock stars like Mick Jagger or Prince, this tactile and chameleon-like fabric is still a viable style statement today in modern cuts and plush colours.

Eau de Cèdre finds its olfactory inspiration in spicy leather. But other notes like supple suede, cedar woods, warm cumin, caradmom essence and Italian bergamot give the scent its woody-spicy-leather signature.

Here perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui tells us more about the composition of the scent and what makes it so special. 

What was the inspiration for Eau de Cèdre?
I designed this perfume as an olfactory texture. I wanted a noble material, elegant and comfortable; something sensual to the touch, both pleasant and easy to wear: simple chic. I thought of velvet, suede, and I built up a masculine signature around cedar, spices and modern leather.

What about this fragrance is quintessentially Armani?
Its elegance, the purity of its structure, and the contrast between the freshness of Italian citrus fruits, the aromatic notes, and the sensuality of cedar and suede.

How is the cedar accord integral to the fragrance?
Cedar is the heart of the fragrance, taking you all the way from the top to base notes. Its white wood quality prolongs the fresh feel, while its warmer facets herald the leather and spices.

Can you talk about the suede accord and the role it plays?
Suede is the base of the fragrance. It provides comfort and sensuality, as well as a lot of strength, power and masculinity.

There is a particularly beautiful cardamom note in Eau de Cèdre, how did you create this and why?
I used a special quality, the Cardamom Pure Jungle Essence, obtained by supercritical extraction of green cardamom seeds. I chose it because it is completely faithful to the scent of fresh seeds, and for its limpid nature, very fresh and without a hint of camphor, unlike some conventional essences.

How would you compare the fragrance to a garment or a fabric?
This perfume is a bridge between the skin and garment. Wearing Eau de Cèdre gives you the same feel as wearing velvet or suede against the skin.

In what way is Eau de Cèdre  representative of your own fragrance universe?
Cardamom is my favourite raw material! And as a perfumer, I like working with clean, incisive fragrances. For men in particular, I like this idea of sensual freshness, balanced between seduction and sophistication. 

Eau de Cèdre Eau de Toilette is $129. 

Text: Renée Batchelor

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