There's finally a Clarisonic just for the guys

Alpha Fit

There's finally a Clarisonic just for the guys
Clarisonic has been serving women (and quite a few men for years). Here's why the brand finally made one just for the guys

Men, if you've ever wondered why there wasn't a Clarisonic specially for you, wonder no more. The brand finally launches Alpha Fit, the modern man's ultimate skin-cleansing device that was engineered for men's tougher and thicker skin. While most men may not wear makeup on a daily basis,  they still need deep cleansing to get rid of dirt, oil, sweat and air pollution — especially post-gym. The waterproof and super-compact new design fits easily into your gym bag and will hardly take up space when you travel, plus it comes with a USB charger, making it convenient to re-charge.

Says Dr. Robb Akridge the co-founder and co-inventor of Clarisonic, "For over a decade, Clarisonic has been the number one most recommended cleansing device by US dermatologists and has been loved by women and men alike. But let's face it, men's skin is different and they deserve a special Clarisonic tailored specifically to their unique skin needs. The new Alpha Fit is made specifically for men with a whole new shape and settings designed specifically to take care of men's shaven and/or bearded skin. Alpha Fit is great for a gym bag or a carry-on and helps men have clean, soft skin in just sixty seconds, twice a day."

Clarisonic Alpha Fit

Still not convinced you need a separate Clarisonic of your own? Here are some reasons men's skin needs this unique device. First, male skin has a lower pH level than women's, making it more susceptible to breakouts. Men's skin is also firmer and more elastic than women's (lucky them) which means they require specific amplitudes for cleansing to really treat their tougher skin. However, because of shaving and testosterone leves, male skin also has a weaker barrier function, so it loses moisture more easily (okay, so God is fair). Finally, both clean-shaven and bearded skin need to be washed differently (read Roald Dahl's The Twits to find out what happens when you don't wash your beard frequently). However most men, wash and approach these different areas in the same way, when they need to be handled differently.


If all that doesn't convince you, try out the sleek, compact design for yourself — it uses sonic technology to gently massage skin and flex pores. This new design is also capable of moving and cleansing beard-covered skin without catching and pulling on facial hair. But with any device or product, the proof is really in the pudding, so try this out to see how it improves your skin quality and the effectiveness of your daily cleansing regimen significantly.


$250. Available at Sephora and Clarisonic counters in June

Text: Renée Batchelor

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