Fast, easy ways to grow a beard: What to use, things to do, and techniques to try

Fast, easy ways to grow a beard: What to use, things to do, and techniques to try

Room for growth

Text: Emily Heng

Maybe it's Daniel Dae Kim's suave quarantine stubble, or Jim Carrey's attempt at conquering "the uncutting edge", but you're thinking of growing out your facial hair. First, let us offer our hearty congratulations. You, much like a slew of male celebs ranging from Will Smith to Stephen Colbert, are now a part of a new movement: #coronabeard. Some say it's a crusade borne from laziness, while others declare it a method of taking control during such tumultuous times. Whatever your reason, we're here to help — because yes, there's a lot more to it than simply ditching your razor and hoping for the best. Let's get growing going, folks.

Identify how your facial hair grows

Does it grow in patchy? Is there a clear boundary as to where it ends, or does it have a tendency to creep down your neck and beyond? How frequently do you need to shave? Having an in-depth understanding of your fluff will give you an idea of how your beard or moustache is going to look, and give you realistic expectations in terms of both appearance and maintenance.

Ideally, you should aim for a style that is complementary to your face shape. It's best for those with square or circular miens, for instance, to add length and keep it trim at the sides. Oblong faces, on the other hand, ought to opt for the opposite.

Shave the perimeter regularly

Yes, it may be your #coronabeard, but there's a fine line between looking rugged and, uh, ratchet wretched. Be sure to trim off any excess hair bordering your neck and cheek lines. To define exactly where you think your beard should end, draw a "U" from ear to ear. Then, locate the lowest part above your Adam's apple and shave below that. Alternatively, you can also start right from the Adam's apple and trim upwards in slow, even strokes so you're able to adjust accordingly.

Give supplements a go

If you're a regular reader, we trust you've heard us wax lyrical about the wonders of biotin. Bearing in mind its many hair- and nail-strengthening capabilities, it's hardly a surprise that these supplements will help sprout 'em whiskers. While they won't generate new hairs, it does contain vitamins that thicken and soften existing scruff, thus accelerating your current beard growth rate.

Watch your diet

If that goatee isn't coming along as quickly as you'd like, there are certain foods that can help with that. Add chow that are high in beta-carotene, protein, and zinc to your meals or anything that acts as a natural source of biotin. Essentially, these are your key vitamins and minerals that lead to cell growth within beard hairs. Popular options include spinach, sweet potatoes, oysters, and eggs.

Invest in beard oil

Or any other conditioning product, really. Not only does it keep bristles soft and healthy, it also prevents itching. This, thus, reduces the likelihood of you shaving it off in a fit of irritation. Plus, no friction-burn for your partner! It's a win-win situation, really. Slather it on daily for a full, healthy fuzz.