Celebrity grooming secrets you wouldn't have imagined

Celebrity grooming secrets you wouldn't have imagined

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Think it's just the ladies who indulge in pampering and preening before a big awards show, performance or movie premiere? You would be wrong. Find out what the male half of the population are up to grooming-wise

In the rarified world of celebrity, even the males get in on the action with time, money and effort spent on looking good. And make no mistake about it. These men are not playing around when it comes to using everything from luxury skincare to indulging in pedicures to keep their hair, skin and nails in tip-top shape. One of the earliest advocates of shame-free grooming was football star David Beckham, who did everything from having blonde highlights to wearing a skirt in the noughties. Now, a mature, 42-year old father of three, Beckham has started a partnership with L'Oréal as the face of Biotherm Homme. Still beyond Beckham, the sheer range and volume of celebrities invested in grooming — and the scope of services they undertake — may make you raise a (well-manicured) eyebrow.

There were tonnes of reports coming out earlier this year that Leonardo Di Caprio had reportedly paid Sydney-based brow specialist Sharon-Lee Hamilton thousands of dollars to fly down for the 2017 Oscars to get his brows in perfect shape. Though Di Caprio reportedly denied this — he is after all an environmental awareness advocate and that would not sit well for his cause and image — Hamilton claims her other clients include Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Did he or didn't he get his brows done by her? Well the photos of the event suggest the Oscar-winning actor did tame his brows, though they weren't overgroomed but neat and tidy. A definite fan of eyebrow grooming? Zac Efron. Though he has toned things down in recent years from his previously hyper-manicured look, his eyebrows are still pretty spot-on.
Leonardo Di Caprio at the 2017 Oscars with Best Actress Emma Stone

Think celebrities don't think about hair colour or even texture? Think again. Justin Bieber's colourist Florido Bassallo of Nine Zero One Salon is responsible for the pop tart's many transformations from blonde to purple to buzzed and back. And many celebrities from Ryan Gosling to Brad Pitt have lightened their tresses or gone blonder for a movie role. We hate to break it to you, but Pitt's legendary, blonde mane in Legends of the Fall was not natural. Remember when Justin Timberlake had a mop of hair that closely resembled a packet of unboiled ramen noodles? Well Timberlake probably has taken to relaxing his natural curls, as he now wears his hair straight and closely-cropped.


There's nothing wrong in indulging in some TLC for your mitts and your feet and many male celebrities tend to agree. Those snapped on the salon chair include everyone from A-list actor Channing Tatum to the Red Hot Chili Pepper's Anthony Kiedis. The Kardashian men also seem particularly keen on pedicures with everyone from Rob Kardashian to Kim Kardashian's ex-husband, Kris Humphries, spotted relaxing at nail salons. And let's not forget Justin Bieber who has posted pictures of himself pedicuring with his mum. 


Not every male celebrity has the same soap and water regimen that many regular men swear by. Pharrell Williams who is known for looking deceptively young — he's 44 — was told to go see a dermatologist by model Naomi Campbell. He washes his face with cold water and the Glytone Acne Self-Foaming Cleanser, as prescribed by his dermatologist. Singer John Mayer infamously surprised his fans by revealing his extensive skincare routine that included several high-end Natura Bissé products. We're not quite sure if he was fully serious or not, but the products he mentioned would cost a whopping US$1,400 altogether. Even comedian Kevin Hart has revealed that he uses La Mer products, including the facial scrub. And although many celebrities will not admit to it, facials and even some clever nips and tucks are commonplace among A-listers.