Taking flight with Cartier’s l’Envol de Cartier

Taking flight with Cartier’s l’Envol de Cartier

Modern day ambrosia

Text: Priscilla Tan

Cartier’s newest fragrance was inspired by ambrosia — the food and drink of the gods. Find out how it will take you to greater heights

The boys (and girls, if you'd like) are in for a treat. Taking inspiration from the honey-based wine that imbued the gods with their immortality, Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent has invented a modern day ambrosia, and dubbed it l'Envol de Cartier.

Eschewing the familiar, Cartier flies high with its newest oriental-transparent fragrance. Atfirst whiff, catch the scent of honey, before opening up to the heart center notes of wholesome gaiac wood. Through the light and airy scent, vaporised musk, along with patchouli, provides depth to the eau de parfum — proving it to be both strong yet mellow.
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To hear it from the perfumer herself on the notion of taking flight, "l'Envol really evokes someone's personal elevation — intimate and private, in other words your own life taking flight, taking off in your career, soaring above life differently than in a plane or in a helicopter. Taking flight means developing yourself, cultivating yourself, widening your awareness, guiding yourself along your own path, creating your own life."
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The spirit of the fragrance is epitomised in its flaçon, a capsule within a detachable glass dome that seem almost to float within. In a true show of innovation, the modern and contemporary design of the container allows for the capsule to be as easily interlocked as it is detached, and carried separately if wished. Marked with the Cartier stamp of creativity and style, the signature guilloché motif sits atop the refillable bottle. What you'll get is syle, substance and a delicious juice in one marvellous creation.

The l'Envol de Cartier is available at Cartier boutiques