Hot and cold: Bulgari's Man Black Cologne

Hot and cold: Bulgari's Man Black Cologne

Dark warrior

Text: Renée Batchelor

Following the success of its Man in Black fragrance, Bulgari introduces a oriental-fresh scent that's bound to be a hit of the summer

If you love the raw masculinity and elegance of Bulgari's Men in Black, you'll be pleased to know that there's a new creation inspired by this iconic fragrance. The brand introduces Man Black Cologne, a new Eau de Toilette that revists a similar olfactive history — but with a new twist. This time the fragrance explores the contradictory idea of an explosive cold heat, blending a warm sensuality with oriental freshness. Seeing that it's inspired by the sublime force of two elements in nature — the blast of icy water and the molten lava emerging from a volcano — it makes perfect sense. Compared to the original scent, Man Black Cologne has a vegetal and citrusy freshness and a woody base. Add its oriental-fresh notes, and touches of cold spices to the mix and you'll have an idea of the composition of this unique juice. Ideal for summer months — all all-year round in Singapore — this is something that will delight both the wearer and anyone who catches an unexpected whiff.
Man Black Cologne
Says its creator, master perfumer Alberto Morillas, "For Bulgari Man Black Cologne, I chose to place myself between sensuality and a frisson. A sensation that I created with warm and cool spices, to create this 'smouldering' eau with its freshness that is everything except traditional." Besides the notes mentioned, chilly rum, intoxicating tuberose and uplifting citrus notes, round off the mix. Says Morillas, "As in Man in Black, the bubbling and sensual sweetness of rum is answered by the slightly earthy and narcotic qualities of tuberose. But it also contains citrus, such as bergamot and mandarin, whose sharp orange colour stands out sharply against the intensive green of a nature with strong contrasts. Additionally, it includes the sensual balm of precious wood, which soothes and recalls earth in its simplicity as the source of life".

And if you think the flaçon looks very much as dark, sleek and unmoving as rock, you're not far off from the inspiration. As though cut out of solidified volcanic rock, the bottle is a contrast between the matte stone of the flaçon's main body and the polished, shiny metal of its cap — a nod perhaps to Bulgari's history as a jeweller. Mixing the raw with the polished seems to be just what this fragrance succeeds perfectly at.

Available now at Bulgari stores and selected department stores