Bulgari pays tribute to great conquerors with its Le Gemme masculine collection

Bulgari pays tribute to great conquerors with its Le Gemme masculine collection

The way to a man's heart

Text: Pramila G

Uncover Bulgaris' twin voyage through the worlds of gemstones and scents across the Mediterranean Basin and all the way to the Far East

Bulgari's Le Gemme collection is back but this time a specially curated version for men, based on six symbolic stones of intense colour and a strong expressive history. The Le Gemme masculine collection explores and revisits major themes of men’s perfume, combines, contrasts and offsets extreme accords and pays tribute to exceptional raw materials such as patchouli, vetiver and roses. This edition of Le Gemme fragrances, shakes up the codes of luxury perfumes for men. 
Le Gemme Gyan

Illustrating the mysteries of the blue in sapphire through the woody scent of patchouli, comes Le Gemme Gyan.
The night jasmine sambac flowers brighten and offset the deep, darker patchouli, giving this scent an incomparable sillage. Its aura intensifies and mysteriousness increases with the wisps of burned incense, making it the perfect floral yet woody and velvety masculine scent. Le Gemme Garanat
Known for its sacred and sensuous qualities, the garnet has an expressive history that links itself to the great 16th-century conqueror and great aesthete, Suleiman the Magnificent. Gifting garnets as a love tokens for his chosen wife, the garnet has been iconised as a symbol of passion alongside its floral counterpart, the rose. Based on the themes of love and passion, Le Gemme Garanat is a marriage between the symbolic olfactory notes of the rose and incense, bringing a velvet-like richness and thickness to the scent. Expect the unexpected with Le Gemme Garanat as although roses have been a classic scent in fragrances, they are often unexpected in men's fragrances. Le Gemme Garanat is perforated with not one but two different types of roses. Infused with the fruity, fresh and spicy overtones of the Damascena Rose for a spicy, animal accent the May Rose absolute from Grasse, meanwhile lends a sweet, spicy and fiery twist. 
Le Gemme Ambero
Translating amber's mythicism seen in adorned royal tombs in Egypt to Apollo’s sanctuary in Delphi, Le Gemme Ambero adopts a contemporary interpretation of vetiver, one that carries a warm and dense note that recalls ambery notes. Perforated with incense of olibanum and a ginger essence which adds a sparkling aspect, there's a cool, citrusy and spicy feel to Le Gemme Ambero. A resolutely modern perfume, this is spicy, earthy, woody, slightly smoky and surprisingly elegant.

$499. The Le Gemme Cyan, Garanat and Ambero will be available exclusively at The Heeren Robinsons, Takashimaya and Escentials Paragon from April