Brush up your 'do: Hairstyles for the everyman

Brush up your 'do: Hairstyles for the everyman

Easy does it

Text: Andrea Sim

Even a well-tailored suit doesn’t make a badly styled hairdo less forgiving. Here's three runway styles we're loving right now

1. Pompadour
To get the hair up, run your hands towards the back of your head like you're doing the Dougie. Or not... But really, it works. 
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2. Bedhead
Roll out of bed and smell the flowers. Not before tweaking bits of hair that stick out like ruffled feathers. It isn't that simple, to achieve that level of casual insouciance, but practice makes perfect.
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3. Man bun
The man bun is arguably the best way to go if you have a penchant for long locks. Yes, Jared Leto chopped his off, but it's still a good look to bun your hair up if it's long enough — unless you have Thor's hammer to complete that look. Use product for a sleek backcomb.
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