Best barbershops and men’s hair salons in Singapore for haircuts, dye jobs, and more

Best barbershops and men’s hair salons in Singapore for haircuts, dye jobs, and more

Make the cut

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @greasemonkeybarbergarage

Look, we get it: familiarity breeds fondness. It's why you're still getting your hair cut at the same barbershop you've been going to since your teenage days; the explanation behind your dated mane; and the real reason as to why you haven't gone for the Timothée Chalamet chop you've (secretly) been eyeing since 2019. And while there's nothing inherently wrong with staying within your comfort zone, there's also a case to be made where familiarity breeds contempt.

Best barbershops and men’s hair salons in Singapore for haircuts, dye jobs, and more (фото 1)

To this, we say no more. In 2020, we propose you gents grab life by the horns and trim that bush how you like it, whether that constitutes bangs or a smooth, bare dome. And because sharing is caring, we've gathered up a list of trustworthy, go-to salons with many a stellar reputation that will do just that. Now go forth and get that good hair.

If you're looking to get a sharp, spiffy haircut, try... Grease Monkey Barber Garage

Living out your T-Bird, greaser dreams is made easy in this garage-themed salon. To set the mood, stylists don mechanic overalls; car decals are plastered on the walls; while a multitude of helmets adorns the shelves. Yes, this means not only will you feel the part, you'll look the part too thanks to a team of experienced snip-and-shave connoisseurs. We're talking tight, clean cuts that will have you looking polished AF. Try The Overhaul, should you be looking for a massive change. It includes a full haircut, hot shave, and thorough wash at just $70 a pop.


If you're looking to get a perm or rebonding treatment, try... The Fluxus House

The interiors of the salon-cum-gallery is a masterpiece in itself, a soothing space comprising minimalist fixtures and a spa-like atmosphere that evokes calm the second you step in. Beyond that, you can also expect top-tier service reflective of the attentive omotenashi that is the hallmark of Japanese service paired with impeccable skills and techniques from their team — all of whom have over 10 years of experience in the field. There's no doubt that they'd be able to handle the most finicky, delicate of hair procedures right, so turn to them for all rebonding, perm, or hair texture restructuring needs.


If you're looking to get a dye job, try... Harts Salon

Their Instagram page is a testament to their proficiency with ammonia and bleach; a wall of radiant, coloured locks in just about every shade imaginable. Whether you're looking to achieve a gradient effect or a risky hue such as platinum blonde or ash, Harts is all-set to deliver. Competitive pricing means appointment slots are a pretty hot commodity, though, so be sure to book an appointment a few weeks in advance.


If you're looking to get a scalp detox, try... Leonica K Trichology

As with skin, you're going to want to get a professional opinion when it comes to your scalp — and there's no one more qualified to do so than well-established trichologist, Leonica Kei. With over two decades' worth of experience, she's developed numerous treatments to solve a variety of scalp-related woes, from hair loss to itchy, flaking, and inflamed noggins.


If you're looking to try a hair treatment, try...Leekaja Beauty Salon

Their extensive menu is reason enough to give this grooming studio a go. From reparative and restructuring options to specialised strengthening treatments, there ain't no mountain — or mane muddle — high enough that LKJ can't scale. For severely damaged tresses, consider their signature Cinderella Treatment that grants glossy, silky-soft locks in just two hours.