Best barbers and barbershops in Singapore for a perfect shave: We Need A Hero, Sultans of Shave, and Acidic Chop Shop amongst many others

Best barbers and barbershops in Singapore for a perfect shave: We Need A Hero, Sultans of Shave, and Acidic Chop Shop amongst many others

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Once upon a time in Hollywood (and in large swathes of the world, really), male grooming was limited to razors, shaving creams, and 3-in-1 face washes. A topic rarely touched upon, it comes as no surprise that society soon began to regard male beautification practices as non-existent or vaguely Neanderthal. Thankfully, it is a sentiment that has petered out in recent times, a phenomenon credited to prominent forces within pop culture. We're talking the cast of Queer Eye, Billy Porter, and even Harry Styles, all of whom are pretty as a picture and flaunt it with aplomb. With members of the XY chromosome growing more aesthetically-attuned than ever — it's as good time as any to drop a list of the barbershops in Singapore to hit up should you be seeking a spiffy shave and trim. Below, the ones that made the cut. Heh.

The Golden Rule Barber Co.

You might have heard of this illustrious barbershop. The company first made headlines when they were contacted by Argentinian football stars in 2017 to give them haircuts. Founders of The Golden Rule Barber Co., Ianto Sani and Jay Anudin, said it was the "craziest VIP house call ever." The duo — along with their trusty team of barbers — now demonstrate their expertise at 66A Race Course Road through a comprehensive range of services featuring all manner of shaves, cuts, and dye jobs. Prices begin from $30.

Sultans of Shave

Arguably one of Singapore's most recognised barber service, the SoS is dedicated to providing first-rate service in every aspect, from types of cuts and shaves available to the stable of products sold. The deluge of rave reviews on their Facebook page is evidence enough, but if you remain unconvinced, make an appointment at one of their four outlets to experience the magic for yourself.

Acidic Chop Shop

You'll be excused for mistaking Acidic Chop Shop for a tattoo or high-street clothing joint upon first glance. The exposed brick walls, Thrasher logos, and fire-engine red drawers spotted on premises would mislead just about anyone into thinking this is prime hypebeast territory — until you spot the arsenal of razors, scissors, and dryers. Prices start at $21 for a beard trim and go up to $29 for a hot towel shave.

Will I Shave

Established in 2015, Will I Shave — a clever play on head barber, William's, name — offers all manners of hair shaving, shaping, and styling services for men. Specialising in custom cuts and trims, they also offer a variety of grooming goods from indie-darlings Proraso and Selvedge Grooming.

We Need A Hero

Why stop at a shave and a haircut? For those looking to get all their grooming needs sorted stat, drop by We Need A Hero which offers everything from brow threading to body waxing. You can also expect an extensive line-up of hair care and body care picks ranging from luxe (Edwin Jagger) to wallet-friendly (Kent).

Roadside barber

You'll find Mr Lee's barbershop tucked away in the back alley of Telok Ayer Street, a small space comprising a lone chair, mirror, and makeshift shelter. Yes, this is Singapore's last surviving roadside barber who has been at it for the past 55 years. Haircuts begin at the low, low price of $6 and beard shaves go for $4. Pop by for a no-fuss, no-frills experience with a whole lotta heart.

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