A man's guide to fragrance from Ferragamo

A man's guide to fragrance from Ferragamo

Play by the scent rules

Text: Renée Batchelor

To celebrate its new Uomo scent Salvatore Ferragamo put together a gentleman's guide. Here are the brand's tips on choosing and wearing a fragrance

Salvatore Ferragamo's newest scent Uomo is easy to like and a pleasure to wear on the skin. A woody, Oriental fragrance it has notes of black pepper, cardamom, sandalwood and tonka bean — as well as an unexpected twist of tiramisu. Created by celebrated perfumers Alberto Morillas and Aurélien Guichard, the brand describes its new offering as "an elegant embodiment of masculinity where vibrant, woody notes interplay with invigorating gourmand notes of pure seduction."

To celebrate the launch of the charismatic scent, which has actor Ben Barnes as its face, Ferragamo launched a mini website within its site called The Style Master. Dealing with everything a gentleman needs to know, the first chapter is all about choosing wines, while Chapter 2 is about choosing and wearing a scent. We liked the tips so much, we adapted them from the site:

1. When choosing a fragrance
 pay attention to how the scent changes and reacts on your skin. Let a scent evaporate completely before deciding if it's the right one for you. Do not rub or dab on the fragrance with paper or cloth.

2. Choose a day or night scent. While there are no strict rules, in general more mellow and less aggressive scents are better for the day — especially if you have work and meetings to attend. More opulent, richer and spicier scents work better for the evening.

Uomo Illustration

3. Practice climate control by picking a scent according to the weather and the season. Although the final fragrance choice is up to you, do note that humidity might alter a scent, and in general, lighter scents work better in the heat.

4. The best places to apply fragrance are the pulse points, where the warmth generated can help release the full olfactory composition of a scent. Apply your scent on the back of the wrists, the bottom of the neck and the insides of your elbow.

Ferragamo Uomo Illustration

5. Keep your scent under wraps by storing it in a cool, dark place. It's best to keep it in its original box if space allows, and to avoid any exposure to light, as this might alter the scent's composition.

6. Add small touches of your scent to unexpected places like your pressed, linen handkerchief or a pocket square for a distinctive, elegant effect — imaging a whiff of the fragrance emanating every time you remove it.

 From $83 to $115. Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo is available now